How to grow good seedlings

How to grow good seedlings

Good seedling, it is a strong seedlings.

From this indicator depends on the quality and quantity of the crop.

To grow good seedlings, it is necessary not only to provide her with quality care (supplementary lighting, watering, temperature conditions), but also to prepare seeds for sowing.

Before planting season starts pleasant chores associated with the cultivation of seedlings (soil preparation, boxes, seeds).

Some gardeners decide to purchase ready-made seedlings to avoid wasting time and effort, but in this case we are buying a pig in a poke».

I prefer to grow independently, therefore, believe that buying who knows what and who knows, the money. In the end, will increase is not clear. And it is possible to grow good seedlings.

First, the pick the right variety of seeds, secondly, it is possible to choose an environmentally safe top dressing for the preparation of seeds and the next irrigation.

And thirdly, I’m for growing your seedlings will not use all the harmful chemicals and hormone contaminants. As a result, I know exactly what my seedlings will be strong and healthy.

Good seedling starts with seed preparation. By soaking them in special preparations, you can select a strong and viable seeds that lay immunity and give a good impetus for the growth of seedlings.

Drugs preferably used with a content of humic acids, it will help the plants in the future easier to move the pick, hardening, lack or excess moisture.

Thus prepared the seeds are sown for 10-11 weeks before transplanting to a permanent place.

For good growth of seeds that need proper watering. It should be done in the first half of the day, while being careful to prevent moisture or waterlogged soil.

After the pick, to help the seedlings to get stronger you need, to ensure their micro — and macro-elements, fullvolume and humic acids.

Hold the first dressing is recommended on the 8th day after transplanting and the second a week before planting in the ground.

For fertilizer, choose quality products that are fully and quickly absorbed. When feeding, be sure to follow the instructions for use, the main thing is not to overfeed.

When planting in the ground make sure that the growing point was not covered, and the roots were placed freely without

How to grow good seedlings

fractures and bends.

But before that, below the seedlings were strong, it is recommended to soak the root system with a solution of humic preparation, which will help plants cope with stress caused by replanting.

Following these not difficult procedures, You will be able to grow good seedlings, and therefore to a great harvest.

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