How to grow ginseng in a garden in the country

how to grow ginseng

This article describes a specific experience of the gardener with the experience.

Nikolay Petrovich managed several annual roots of this remarkable plant to grow ginseng in your garden in the country, besides they were only a few inches and had one kidney.

Currently, he has established himself in a kennel of this rare and precious culture. Now you will learn how to grow ginseng in the suburban area.

The beneficial properties of ginseng

This plant is rich in vitamins b, C, and nicotinic, Pantothenic and folic acid, contains pectin, essential oil, amino acids.

By passing this ginseng is rich in macronutrients (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus) and microelements (copper, iron, cobalt, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, titanium, chrome).

How to grow ginseng

Ginseng, the culture of shade. In bright sunlight the leaves start to wilt and gradually die, the root itself can hibernate for several holiday seasons. To grow ginseng will be possible only on the dark places of the suburban area.

It is the place of landing is better to choose in the valley, but ground water did not lay much closer to the surface. In the prepared hole adds the substrate of peat, humus and chopped forest rotter to each other.

On top of all liberally pour, a week later you can plant the roots of ginseng, at 7-10 cm deep and 35-40cm distance from each other.

In the first season shoots may not appear, it is not necessary to despair, check to remember where the ginseng is growing, care, watering, and in winter will warm the bed of fallen leaves.

Next year may see the first leaves. The plant will bloom in 3-4 years. During this period there will be red berries, from which seeds to plant propagation and increase of the plantation.

Berries are harvested in September and immediately it is possible to sow to a depth of 7cm at a distance of 10cm. The similarity they have is weak, so don’t expect that will be able to grow ginseng from each seed.

Better sow with the stock. In winter, insulate, and in the summer spend fertilizer humus and mulch to close.

Harvesting ginseng roots starts from 6 years of age. Blooms

ginseng root

the plant every year, so the number of seeds will increase.

To grow ginseng in a Sunny site, you need to create artificial shading of a trellis fence, it can also be useful to create a canopy in the rainy summer.

The edges of the landings can be laid in the grass that need to keep moist, then soil is moist and the nutrients will flow to the roots.

Try to grow ginseng in a garden in the country, I am sure you too will succeed.

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