How to grow cucumbers in greenhouses and outdoors

growing cucumbers

Cucumber belongs to the Cucurbitaceae, and besides 95% water, they contain useful minerals and vitamins.

This vegetable, indispensable in the preparation of many dishes and are especially popular in pickled and salted.

That’s why many gardeners in their gardens grow cucumbers in greenhouses and outdoors.

How to grow cucumbers

Cucumber moisture — and heat-loving culture. Depending on the region, grow it in outdoors or in a greenhouse.

The choice of varieties, cucumbers are divided into three groups: for open ground – gryadochnogo, fruit size about 10-18cm., the surface is usually studded, greenhouse, fruit can reach more than 30 cm with smooth surface and cornicione, the fruit is less than 10cm.

In addition, plants with thin white spines-hairs are more suitable for salads and with black spikes for pickling.

Cucumbers can be grown nonseedlings and seedling method. When the seedling method, sow cucumber seeds produce approximately 4 weeks before planting in a permanent place.

They are pre-germinated, select the strongest to speed up germination and growing strong seedlings. In open ground are sown after soils warm to 15°C and above, for the greenhouse too.

At the same time sowing seeds of cucumber nonseedlings way.

growing cucumbers

Sow them germinated or swollen.

The soil should be moist, depth touched in about 2 cm At 1 m 5-7 plants.

Cucumber patch should be closed from the wind, and to be in a Sunny spot. The soil for cucumbers, prepares fertile, friable.

To heat to a depth of 30-35 cm fit organic layer which upon decomposition provides the necessary heat.

Organic fertilizer is an excellent fertilizer the entire holiday season.

The optimum temperature for growing cucumbers, in the greenhouse and the open field 23-30ºS. Slightest freezing is detrimental to this crop, and at a temperature below 15 ° C the growth of plants slows down.

That is why when growing in the open ground growers often use at the beginning of summer covering material. From direct sunlight cucumbers must also be closed.

After the appearance of the 6th leaf of the main stem of cucumber pinch. It contributes to the formation of female flowers, additional branches and increased productivity.

As already mentioned, this moisture-loving culture that is not at cultivation of cucumbers to prevent drying of the soil.

Watering is carried out is heated by the sun water from the well and the well can not be watered, cold water leads to oppression of the fruits and emergence of diseases. The water should not fall on the leaves and flowers.

To maintain soil moisture, experienced gardeners are actively using soil mulching. Even mulch suppresses weed growth.

From time to time, careful not to damage the root system of cucumbers, garden forks doing in the garden of punctures, 10cm, it makes it easier getting the needed air.

garter cucumber to the trellis

When growing cucumbers use the garter to the trellis, it prevents from the formation of Botrytis, which is formed in thickened lashes.

Pre-insert into the ground a solid foot pegs and pull the rope, which will then tie the cucumber whip.

If growing cucumbers in the greenhouse or the open ground are formed mainly male flowers to reduce watering or for a few days completely stop, so the soil is slightly dry.

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