How to grow cranberries

how to grow cranberries

Cowberry is a small beautiful shrub with berries and medicinal leaves.

They are used to improve appetite, as a diuretic, anti — inflammatory agent.

They help with various ailments. Moreover, this Bush is nice to look at at any time of year, but it is especially beautiful during flowering and when the fruit has developed.

Cranberries survivor and can live very long – up to three hundred years.

Leaves are bright green, shiny on top, underside they are matte and lighter. Flowers small, are collected in inflorescence. They are pale pink bells.

Mature fruit dark red, as if varnished. The color appears in may. In June the flowers fall, and by the end of the summer fruits appear.

From them prepare puree, jam, jam, jam, drinks (liquor, beer, syrup, juice). If cranberries sit along the front garden or garden path, we get a beautiful, natural fence.

New seedlings to transplant better in the spring. Before that fertilize the soil (three parts peat and one part coarse sand).

Dig a Hole about thirty centimeters depth, there is placed a drainage – gravel or bark. To seedlings better rooted they pritenyayut covering materials.

The distance between rows should be approximately forty-five inches, and between each seedling to twenty centimeters.

After the seedlings were planted, they should be abundantly watered, mulch with sawdust or peat layer should be four centimeters.

Thus to retain moisture and getting in the weeds. After some time (about four years) the bushes will become excessively thick, then those that are redundant, need to be transplanted to another location or use for the preparation of drugs.

For this purpose, use the fruits, leaves, stems). Propagated cranberries and seeds. Sow them in the garden in late autumn. They develop slowly.

The first year they reach five centimeters. Only at the age of five shrub begins to bloom and bear fruit.

To propagate the plant is best rhizomatous cuttings with a length of six to eight inches. The lower leaves need to be removed.

As the substrate use the earth, which is dug in the coniferous forest, perlite, sand mixed with peat. The cuttings need to leave not more than three buds above the ground, then to deepen into the substrate.

These cuttings grow in one place for two years and then transplanted to the place where you will continue to grow.

Due to the fact that cranberries creates a lot of underground shoots-rhizomes and from it grows a lot of young shrubs, so they need to be separated with the secateurs and seated elsewhere.

They are very fast and absolutely rooted. In the year following this appear the color and the fruit.

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