How to grow celery in the country


1. Seedling method vyrashchivaniya2. Landing in grunt3. Caring for celery

How to grow celery

There are gardeners among true connoisseurs of umbelliferous crops.

And along with the usual for all plots parsley, dill and carrots in them will grow parsnips and celery, which do not require special machinery.

Growing celery is not difficult, important to choose the right soil.

After all, on a fairly acid soil it will not grow – give him a slightly alkaline soil. So the site try to enrich the humus.

And if there is a need to undertake liming of the plot, do it in advance, even in the fall. As for the «place under the sun», the celery may well develop in the deep shadows.

Seedling method of cultivation

As the vegetation period is quite long (up to 180 days), to successfully grow celery, you can only seedling method. And take care of the seedlings should be well in advance of its development must be at least 2.5 months.

All this time the culture should be or in a well heated greenhouse or on a Sunny windowsill. In the open ground to move, the seedlings should, when fully confident that the frosts don’t return (this time is in the middle of may).

Celery refers to the two-year plants, and adults can easily tolerate zero temperature. But the seedlings from frost may suffer.


Celery planted in the ground at the same depth as in the seedling box. But for the survival of the shoots before their roots are immersed in clay «talker», and wait for it to dry completely. In the ridges of the celery have a series.

The distance between the crops is kept 15 cm and between lines and 40 cm, But sometimes celery acts as a sealer, and put on the edge of the garden (often with pickles) or along garden paths. And then the distance between the seedlings should be about 20 cm.

Caring for celery

To grow celery with a good yield, crop should be watered often, but not space – 10 sq. m is enough to 30 buckets of water. This must be done reckoning on weather conditions.

Over the entire period of growing season number of irrigations varies within such limits: not more than 4 times in the rainy season, and about 6-8 in the hot summer. With dressing wise will not have too much. For the entire period will be enough twice to make the mixture of mineral fertilizers:

  • the first batch is to be paid 2 weeks after landing on the bed. And this may be the usual mixture of mineral fertilizers with the usual proportion;


  • in the middle of the growing season in the mineral composition of the dose of potash should prevail.

Sympathetic root to the manure slurry, so you can use it. But first this fertilizer

How to grow celery

must promote fresh organic matter inappropriate for any culture.

Loosening the soil is carried out as needed – when the earth will undertake a crust. Sheet celery necessary another procedure – bleaching.

The petioles in the lower part of the wrap does not smell any material (straw, burlap, paper, etc.). From this, the celery leaves will become more delicious.

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