How to grow Aster on a country site

how to grow asters

The cultivation of asters in the flower beds at their summer cottage special difficulties for growers.

And beauty from blooming annual and perennial flowers, you can enjoy from early may until late autumn.

This article will explain how to grow asters to the beloved country.

A large variety of these beautiful, loved many flowers and their colors, striking many Housewives.

The most popular asters are annual, although perennial, found its admirers.

First, they are hardy and endure the cold of winter, and secondly, a large number of flowers on one Bush more than compensates for their small size.

How to grow asters

Growers to grow asters is used in two main ways – by sowing seeds in open ground or seedling.

Seedlings of these flowers you can buy, and it is better to grow your own at home on the windowsill.

To obtain high-quality seedlings, seeds need to use last year. Before planting they are soaked in a solution of biostimulants for 12 hours.


The seeds of asters sown in rows in a seedling box, poured, sprinkled soil, covered with foil and put in a warm place. The earth best buy for flowers at a specialty store.

With the emergence of the first shoots, the polyethylene is removed,

how to grow asters

as the temperature was lowered to 16 degrees, and put in a bright place.

To grow asters, at the stage of two true leaves the seedlings in a separate container. For this purpose suitable peat cups.

Sowing the manufacturers indicate on the seed packets. Usually to grow asters, depending on the varieties need 3 to 4 months.

When growing in the open ground, sowing, depending on the region and weather conditions are very different, but in any case, asters should be planted until June 10, so the flowers have time to grow before the cold weather.

The seedling method is more suitable for Northern regions, for others it is not necessarily easier to grow asters in the open ground, seeds, the more that asters can be planted in the spring and before winter.

The only difference in the fall make planting thick, in case that part will die. But the bloom comes first.

how to grow asters

If most of the seeds survived the winter, and the seedlings come up thickly much, or anything wrong, just make them sit down. When a rare spring stairs podsafe else.

When sown in the open ground, at the initial stage, the surface of the flower garden or flower beds, you can cover with plastic wrap.

Stick to these simple recommendations and you will be able to grow Aster on a country site.

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