How to grow a pumpkin in the country

How to grow a pumpkin

There was a time when pumpkin was grown as an ornamental plant.

But when people realized how this healthy product, began to take on angles under a pumpkin vine.

This Culture is considered to be undemanding, but only in the southern regions.

In the colder edges of the pumpkin recommended to grow seedling method. And the best option is to grow a pumpkin in a steam piles.

As for soil, it it is not demanding. Although the best yields will loose fertile soil with a neutral reaction. But on clay culture is better not to plant.

The cultivation of seedlings

To increase the yield of pumpkins, even in warm areas, it is recommended to grow seedlings for the germination of seeds need a temperature of at least 15 Seconds.

Therefore, in order not to wait for heat stable, better to use a potting method. Capacity should be approximately 10 cm in diameter.

They are filled with a mixture of earth, in which lay 1 seed. The seedling box can be kept in the apartment on the window sill and put in a warm greenhouse with a temperature of 25-28C.

When the seedlings appear, it is better to reduce the temperature to 20 ° C. Water the planting should moderate.


The best time of planting seedlings in open ground – the period when there is no threat of frost (beginning of summer). But some gardeners risk to plant sprouts earlier, in mid-may. But then at night the garden will have to cover.

And this is the best option to carry out a preliminary hardening of the seedlings. Planting a pumpkin, it’s important to consider the ability of the root system to develop in the side. Therefore, under each individual need of sufficient nutritious area – from half to two square meters.

If the area is small, the culture is planted next to a single somewhere along the small fence. The spacious same plantation more used the square method of planting.


To grow a pumpkin is not difficult, does not require special care:

— glaze – as the drying of the soil;- regular loosening of the soil near the Bush and weeding.

The specifics can be called the pinched shoots, and also protect the fruit from ground contact. Special attention should be given to the use of fertilizer when growing pumpkins.

  • The first batch entered to the ground before landing: first fall, while digging deep site, then spring into the prepared hole under the plant. They should be roomy enough to accommodate up to half of the bucket of the nutrient mixture (organic and mineral). On top of the fertilizer should be sprinkled with a layer of earth.


  • Once the seedlings will be planted in the ground, feed it will need three times:

before the budding apply slurry (or other natural organics);

how to grow a pumpkin

— collecting the first 2 crops, the beds are paid a mixture of phosphoric and potash or wood ash; the dressing is also made in the process of fruiting (mass).

Putting it a goal to grow the pumpkin on the vine, you provide the family for the whole winter quite a nutritious product.

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