How to grow a large harvest of tomatoes (tomato)

a large crop of tomatoes

Almost all gardeners grow tomatoes at his dacha.

Perhaps, everyone would like to grow a big harvest of tomatoes.

There is a way to increase the crop from one Bush tomato, not by additional planted land.

Moreover, the sort of tomatoes any role does not play.

How to grow a big crop of tomatoes

This Method involves growing tomatoes in two roots. That is one Bush will have a further-developed root system, whereby it is possible to grow a great crop of tomatoes.

For this tomato seeds need to be planted in a peat pot or other container at a distance of 1 cm from each other.

When tomato seedlings grow up, get stronger, and stem thickness will become large enough, you will need to take the following actions.

From the stems of tomato seedlings, razor blade, carefully made an incision with a length of 2-3cm. Incision is made from the parties that they are facing each other, to expose the cambium.

Then, incised portions of the seedlings of tomato, the need to tightly join and roll up a thin strip of polyethylene. Next, the tomato seedlings are grown by standard techniques.

Before planting tomatoes in the ground, double hive is inspected. A plant that evolved worse, primitives above cut 5 cm

After planting these bushes survive and grow quickly due to the enhanced root system. For this reason, possible to grow a large crop of tomatoes.

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The only thing you need to remember to feed and water a plant will need more support and for tomato it is advisable to put durable.

The article is only a guide, hope you will be able to grow a large crop of tomatoes.


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