How to grow a home rose

How to grow a home rose

Fans of this gorgeous flower that I don’t have a suburban area, often concerned with the question whether it is possible to grow a home rose on the windowsill.

Indeed, such kind of culture exists in the home easily not only a miniature rose to grow, but some varieties to move from the garden beds in the apartment.

Home rose on the windowsill

For cultivation in conditions of enclosed spaces (apartments) bred special varieties of roses miniature home that sold in flower shops.

From garden types is that they are different dimensions – bushes grow up to 35 cm, But also unique, fragrant aroma and pleasing a beautiful delicate buds.

Like any Queen, homemade rose highlights capricious nature. Therefore, not every owner of a flower can take root.

For novice gardeners should pay attention to the varieties of roses Baby Darling, Cinderella, Starina, Yellow Doll, Angela Rippon, New Penny, Judy Fischer. They are the most accustomed in the apartments of the growers.

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By purchasing one in store the Bush, it can be propagated by cuttings, adhering to a set of rules. Although some manage to settle in the apartment and the rose garden, growing it in a flower pot.

Here it is necessary to have a clear idea of what varieties of roses for this mission fit (to not to waste time).

Rose garden at home

Many have tried to grow in a flower pot of the usual rose bouquet, but not all have succeeded. All because they did not take into account the adaptability of flowers for different growing conditions. Here the main thing – to choose the right variety:

  • rose Bengal is quite unpretentious (Pink Grootendorst, Ophelia);
  • well accustomed polyanthus strongly ramified shrubs (Miniatures, Clotilde Super, orange Triumph);
  • not fussy hybrid tea with a fragrant aroma (Jules Boucher, Miss Rowena Tom, La France).

Find any roses in the garden is only part of the story. You need to decide – whether it is by grafting on the wild rose Bush.

With the independent rose has its own root, by cuttings home to grow a rose.

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Cuttings of roses home

Planting material is produced for the entire period from may to September. Choose on the Bush already withered branch, while it should not be thick. For growing you will need the middle part with 2 and 4 kidneys. You also need to correctly make the cuts:

  • from the lower buds retreating 1 cm and make an oblique cut;
  • above the upper kidney retreat half an inch, and the cut performs straight line.

Keep for rooting cuttings should be in the sand with peat or water. At the same time trying to sprigs not dried up.

  • If rooting occurs in water, it is in any case not to change the capacity not only to add to the required volume. When the cuttings the roots will appear cm 2, they are sent to the flower pot. Root collar not to bury her leave at the level with the soil. So first the container is placed the stalk, then carefully pour the earth. Watering and slightly objav soil, homemade rose sent to protected from sunlight place.
  • In the case of rooting in the sand mixture, the cuttings placed in the soil 1 cm below the bottom Bud was on the surface. Moistened soil, shanks covered with something glass or plastic. Flower pot with the cuttings should be in bright and warm place. A symptom of rooting is started to grow buds. Then the cover can be removed.

Swiping in this way the reproduction of the rose, it was adapted to room conditions of existence. To wait on the Bush buds, it is recommended to comply with all conditions of plant care.

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The rules of the care home rose

To grow home rose, she creates a comfortable environment. They are based on the number of rules.

  • Despite the fact that the flower likes to «swim» in the sunlight, the light should be diffused. Therefore, you should take care of the blinds on the Windows. How to grow a home rose
  • Homemade rose (especially grown from garden varieties) important fresh air. In the summer it can be kept on the balcony during the other seasons, do not forget to regularly ventilate the room.
  • Culture can withstand short-term freezing and temperature changes, but overheating to the roses fatal. Therefore, it is not desirable that the temperature is above 25°C.
  • Abundant Watering of the soil to prevent it drying out. But the water in the pan should not stagnate.
  • During the entire vegetation period home rose needs a dressing, which are held once a week. It is desirable mineral water and organic alternate.

Showing attention to your home beauty, you can get it on the windowsill elegant fragrant shrub with elegant flowers.

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