How to grow a great crop of gooseberries

Kush agruso

Seedlings gooseberry, as a rule, be used for the implementation with closed root system.

This usually indicates that the culture was grown in a greenhouse.

Rare to find, to sell plants grown in natural conditions, and it is connected with some difficulties breeding them.

The gooseberries in the container is quite suitable for the summer planting, but the plant is not tempered, and the leaves can burn.

It is therefore highly recommended before transplanting to a permanent place in the garden, in the country, to hold the bushes a few days in a dark place on the street, but do not forget that the soil in the root container should be moist.

The gooseberry plant in the prepared hole with a small depression in being careful not to damage the root system.

So the plant will root faster and grow better. After planting, liberally pour water (at least 10l.).

The ground part should be cut with pruning shears, leaving 6 nodes. Do not forget about periodic watering. Gooseberries love to grow one.

This means that under a Bush and around there should be nothing, not even grass. For this he will reward you accordingly its fruits.


Watch out for the weeds, and immediately get rid of them. If the gooseberry thorns, the harvest do not expect. Also this culture loves that the earth was soft and moist.

As needed vzryhlite the ground, but only superficially so as not to damage the roots. Another positive factor for a good harvest, is mulching the soil.

This is perfect peat moss or sawdust. Besides the need for cultivation and irrigation will decrease significantly.

Because of the lack of moisture usually gooseberries will not die, it can withstand drought, but as mentioned above, this will lead to slower development of young shoots and plants in General.

Berries will be much less, besides they are small. Echoes of the lack of moisture can affect the next season, especially during flowering and fruit growth.

If you want your gooseberries bring a good harvest, water it as needed. The average water consumption for adults Bush is 4 buckets, youth 2.

harvest agruso

Besides all the above culture needs good nutrition. This also depends on the harvest.

Fertilizers are applied in spring or autumn, after the harvest.

Begin to feed the gooseberries from the third year after planting, add organic potash and phosphate fertilizers.

The usual rate for an adult Bush, 1 bucket of rotted organic matter.

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