How to grow a good crop of cucumbers.

to grow a good crop of cucumbers.

In order to grow a crop of cucumbersin the country, and good special some secrets to learn is not necessary.

To achieve success may be everything beginners and experienced gardeners.

The key to the future crop of cucumbers, laid with a bed.

Give this work due consideration and the result of their labors will see in two months.

How to grow a crop of cucumbers.

Will share their experiences. Cucumber patch start to prepare the autumn. Mixed with garden earth compost (1:1), this mixture was added 4-4,5 buckets of manure, 4 cups sifted wood ash and 80g. nitrophoska, all this is based on Q1. M.

In the spring, lay the cucumber patch. The mixture is dug up on the bayonet spade and install the side boards.

To grow a crop of cucumbers will work on a high bed, not below 20cm. So add the required amount of fertile soil and all smooth.

I fill up around a layer of earth of 7-10 cm Then set the arc and the surface of the cucumber, raised beds, cover with film, then hand it over to arc.

If not manure and compost, the organic additives can be used, sawdust, leaves and grass. With this tab, too, turned to raise a crop of cucumbers.

They are placed on the bottom mixed in with the soil, and all well watered. In the spring, if possible, try to add humus.

As soon as your region will be favorable weather, you can sow the seeds, I usually sow in mid-may.

During this time, the soil under the film is already warming up, but a week before planting as a preventive measure, watering a cucumber bed with a hot copper sulfate (1st. spoon g/K and 1.5 tbsp of Malathion 10l. water.), and 1 Cup of ash per 1kV. Now ridge is ready to grow a good crop of cucumbers.

Always sow a few varieties of cucumbers. Prepared hole diameter of about 40 cm with a small hole.

Pour them with hot water, and then cover seeds to a depth of 2 cm at a distance of 8-10cm. from each other.

If the seeds of cucumbers passed the seedbed preparation and

to grow a crop of cucumbers.

were soaked in the solution ( 1ch. L. of NPK in 1 liter water) for 12 hours, the shoots appear in 5-6 days.

To ensure a harvest, always use arc and covering material. Some gardeners get an early crop grown cucumber seedlings at home.

This culture is quite hygrophilous, therefore, to grow a crop of cucumbers, large enough don’t forget to water them in the morning or evening.

I hope now you will not be difficult to achieve your goals and amaze your family the amount of harvest.

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