How to get rid of woodworm

how to get rid of woodworm

Beetle beetle is dark brown in length from 3.5 to 5mm, which is the major pest.

Settled mainly in the trees. These coniferous trees are the most affected from of beetles.

Although may suffer and pine, but to a much lesser extent.

These pests are capable of distances up to 20 km, to feel weakened tree and if it will not be able to resist them, bugs will get under the bark and are gonna egg laying.

For a fairly short period of time on a single tree can live up to several thousand villages. Appeared rather the larvae will spread and destroy the wood of the flame (live layer). After that the tree becomes dead wood.

Years bark beetles begins as soon as the air temperature warms up to +5°C. During the summer period there is up to 3 generations of pests.

How to get rid of woodworm

 Get rid of the beetle can be, and you should start with preventive measures. First thing in the spring, spend processing of the litter in the areas the bugs.

For this purpose, preparations of «Actar» and «Decis Profi». Then applied a protective coat of a mixture of any two drugs: «clipper», «arrivo», «Aktara», «Decis Profi», «Konfidor», «Aktellik» on the trunk of the tree.

Need to handle all the trees in the vicinity, to exclude the lose healthy specimens. It is also important to hold the feeding trees and cover up all the damage on the trunks of garden pitch.

Preventive measures should include timely removal of debris, decaying and dead trees, because they serve as source of infection.

Get rid of the bark can cure, struck a tree, almost none. To prevent the colonization of beetles, trees need to handle chemicals insecticides to row before they occur. For the season spend 3-4 times with an interval of 1.5 months.

Timely sanitary pruning, a very important preventive measure to protect trees from bark beetles and other pests and diseases. Due to the lack of nutrients or accidental damage, the branches may begin to shrink.

Of course the strength of the dried branches is greatly reduced. Under its own weight or when the wind is strong it is likely to break off and fall. In place of the bummer

to get rid of bark beetles

will speck, which gradually collapse and fall out of the tree trunk.

Formed in the hollow can get spores of fungi that destroy wood. Will start to form mold, which in turn will lead to a weakening of the tree and the rotten smell will attract pests, including beetles and bark beetles.

It is therefore necessary to carry out sanitary pruning, and to cover up places cut garden pitch.

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