How to get rid of weeds forever

How to get rid of weeds forever

Probably all gardeners would like to get rid of weeds forever.

Routine constantly rip and tear the grass, and it grows and grows.

And so eager to suburban area was nice and neat.

What can I do to stay at the cottage helped us to relax and not to be a burden?

Get rid of weeds

You can try autumn tillage. This method allows you to greatly reduce the number of weeds.

For this fall you need to carefully dig over the places where the grass is annoying.

Dig better fork and do it two or three times. It is important to remove all roots. The weed roots do not have to throw away or burn, they can be folded into a compost pit.

Also, very often plagued with woodlice. To combat it, you can apply such preparations as, for example, «Hurricane», «Glyphs», but they are used only after the seasonal harvest.

Chemicals for getting rid of weeds is permissible only in the case if perennial grasses cannot be removed.

To combat creeping Thistle and dandelion are using «roundup». This herbicide has a solid effect and is applied when the degree of neglect of the site is strong enough.

But we must remember that this method of getting rid of weeds can negatively affect other vegetable crops.

Final destruction can be achieved on average in a couple of weeks, spraying all the plants.

With all the varieties of moss, you can do away with «Lawn sand». The mixture is urea, iron sulfate, and river sand. This option is more secure than the previous one.


Also very effective against weeds of common salt. It can even be used directly next to cultivated plants, but at a distance. Not only that, the salt will kill weeds, it also will not give rise to new.


No less effective is the vinegar. It needs to be poured in a spray bottle and spray the weeds.

But it is important to remember that the cultural plants are not to splash, because they will die like weeds.

Herbicidal soap

This drug is a combination of salt, vinegar and dish soap in equal parts. This mixture to sprinkle all the weeds.


Cornmeal can be used not only for feeding Pets,

How to get rid of weeds forever

but also for weed control.

But the forage can only be used when crops reach a certain height, because this medicine prevents the growth of seeds.

Also for getting rid of weeds, you can use the black film and the vegetables planted in the holes.

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