How to get rid of wasps at a summer cottage

how to get rid of wasps

With the onset of summer, in suburban areas, namely in the attics of houses situated wasps.

These sometimes dangerous insects prevent many vacationers every year.

When warm days are just beginning they are few and they are almost invisible, thoughts about how to get rid of wasps start to visit much later, when they’ve already got, but later.

To provide yourself a quiet stay in the country should be in the spring.

How to get rid of wasps at a summer cottage

Wasps from the order Hymenoptera, in the scientific community are called paper, because of the peculiarities of construction of the nests of a substance like paper.

Insects fray jaws small wood fibres and wetting them with saliva, so they get building material for the nest.

Attract wasps in your area, the nectar of flowers, apples, raspberries, gooseberries, etc., these insects also bring more dangers and benefits, they are pollinators, and to feed the larvae are not less pesky and harmful insects, caterpillars, flies, beetle grubs.

So before to get rid of wasps, you should think, and so whether they are dangerous to you, maybe from the neighborhood with them most good.

Wasps usually located in the attic, verandas, so it is advisable to inspect and seal all cracks. As mentioned in the summer when a wasp nest is already large, getting rid of wasps can be dangerous, though possible.

At night, when wasps are in the nest and sleep, you can try to cover it with a box or bag with cotton soaked with insecticide and keep until then while all will not perish.

To make such a deliverance from the OS should be very careful, should not have been out of one insect, otherwise you nesdobrovat.

Wasp nests are often located in remote and inconvenient locations, which complicates the recovery process. Safe sweep should be carried out in the spring, preferably several times.

So, with the onset of warm days, do not be lazy and inspect the attic with

how to get rid of wasps

every few days, especially in those places where it took off the nest.

The fact is that initially building the nest engaged in one female, the main swarm arrives. This moment is the safest option for getting rid of the OS.

The female-foundress wasp swarm alone is not dangerous, and do paper houses the size of a walnut.

Upon detection of the nest, remove it and destroy it. Not finding their own housing, the wasp will fly to another location, if it will decide to build nest here you again in a few days will ruin her plans. Thus, the wasp swarm will not settle.

If you noticed in the suburban area a large number of these insects, be careful, picking a raspberry, Apple or grapes do not rush to send in the mouth, perhaps already someone is eating.

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