How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country

How to get rid of mosquitoes

With the onset of summer the issue of combating mosquitoes is especially important.

Despite the fact that their some time may not be, a «beautiful» day they may appear in very large numbers.

Climb literally from all cracks, and what kind of can be restful sleep?! So, how to get rid of mosquitoes?

The good news is that specialty stores have a large number of chemicals, but unfortunately, they can degrade human health. That is why you should think about quite effective natural ways.

But first, I must say that mosquitoes often appear in wet rooms, in particular basements, or near water bodies. Although even if there are no such conditions, they begin to look for the source of blood elsewhere in the apartment or house. Here are some tested ways to protect against mosquitoes:

  • Perhaps the most simple and available method is to install mosquito nets. And no matter what the Windows are, then it’s plastic or wood. The grid can be made to order or cut your own;


  • Also to get rid of mosquitoes by using pots planted with tomatoes. The odor of tomatoes is perfectly repels evil insects;


  • It is recommended to use essential oils. In particular an irritant effect on mosquitoes are oil of cloves, Basil and eucalyptus. One of these oils moisten a cotton swab and put it on the nightstand beside the bed. This approach will help to ward off mosquitoes and enjoy pleasant dreams;


  • To prevent the emergence of mosquitoes in the room, you can put the camphor into the pan and slightly heat. Smoke to humans are completely harmless, but mosquitoes come from him in horror;


  • You can also apply lemon juice. They RUB exposed parts of the body;


  • To get rid of mosquitoes, you can use indoor plants, pelargonium and Myrtle. Also possess a strong aroma of rosemary and mint.

Placing these plants on the window, the question of the insect disappears by itself. But plants need to periodically shake or hold it by hand to activate the aroma;

  • To protect their homes against mosquitoes can also using garlic. It not only repels them but kills. To do this, chop the garlic and put it on the window sill. Also make a tincture, which is used for spraying of the premises;


  • People have long been used as protection from mosquitoes tea tree oil. This drug destroys bacteria, fungus and most importantly in this case, repels insects. Oil can be rubbed on exposed areas on the body or pour a few drops in the evaporator at which the air filled with the scent repels mosquitoes; How to get rid of mosquitoes


  • At a decent distance will keep gnats, to use lavender oil. It rubbed in the open places on the body. This approach will help to get rid of the «enemy» and sleep.

Trying one or another method, there is no doubt in its positive outcome. Because all the above methods are completely safe, but convenient and quite effective.

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