How to get rid of mold in flower pot

mold in flower pot

Many growers are faced with the phenomenon of white (sometimes yellow) plaque on the soil in the pot of a potted plant.

But not all are aware of how it is harmful to the flower. We are now talking about trivial mildew, a fungal disease.

Causes of mold

It does not appear mold. The means were significant violations of conditions of care for plants. If you delve into the physiology of the problem, it will immediately become clear the reason for the development of the fungus.

So, the best habitat for mold – high humidity at low ambient temperatures. Therefore, the plants are likely overly filled with water, and even in low temperatures.

Or water for irrigation was not warm enough. Stagnant water in flower pot can be linked to a bad drainage system. Or will occlude the outlet of the pores on the bottom of the pot. And maybe those holes are too small and the water does not have time to seep into the pan.

The appearance of mold in a flower pot, may contribute to a sharp temperature drop in the room. Especially if the jump was from high rates to low. Naturally, the water has time to evaporate.

The fault may be the wrong soil. It is heavy, perechislennye land is the best condition for the development of any mold.

How to get rid of mold in flower pot

The fight against mold should begin when the first signs, so as not to give her a chance to grow deep into. Otherwise ill root system and the plant may die.

So, first you need to remove in a flower pot, a substantial layer of the earth affected by mold.

Vzryhlite soil watered with a solution of fundazol (2 g per liter of water). If a potted flower that looks painful, the same composition sprayed it leaves. The procedure didn’t work? Therefore, the problem is deeper than it seemed. Will have to completely change the soil in the flower pot.

Or to carry out sanitary treatment of the existing soil. First pour over boiling water, then spread on a baking sheet and roasted in the oven. The pot will also have to be subjected to the treatment: to be heated in the same oven or hold it over an open flame.

But first you need to clean all the holes on the bottom of the tank. Handle heat and the elements of the drainage system.

Preventive measures

To prevent mold in the colors, you must strictly adhere to when caring for plants irrigation and temperature regimes. As often as possible loosening the soil to destroy fungal «connection», if they suddenly appear.

From time to time it is recommended to water the plants with acidified water (per Cup of water 1 tsp lemon juice or a pinch of acid) and treating the soil with a weak solution of manganese.

Before watering can around plants to bury in the ground small cloves of garlic, 40 minutes later removed.

Forming a drainage layer, it is desirable to enclose in it the pieces of charcoal. In the very same soil when planting potted plants, you should add a few tablets of activated (black) coal or moss. All of them have good sorption properties.

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