How to get rid of gnats on indoor plants


  • 1. Where does the bug?
  • 2. How to get rid of lice

How to get rid of gnats on indoor plants

Special coziness acquire green space. But is the indoor plant to get sick, and all the charm immediately disappears.

Especially inconspicuous plant becomes when it swarmed the gnats.

To save room culture, pests need to fight without delay.

Where does the bug?

Small insects black (nagahuedi) or white (clarity) colors, which settled on the home cultures seeped into the room from the street (e.g., during opening).

Enough of one individual that found fertile conditions for the deposition of larvae that soon all the flowers were covered with a colony of midges. These conditions are created by people themselves.

  • In flower pots can be disinfected earth. The processes of decay that occur in this substrate is the best medium for larvae of midges.
  • Wet soil attracts fungus mosquitoes that are actively settle in the flower pots.
  • Especially unwanted stagnant water – it also provokes putrefaction.

To get rid of gnats on indoor plants, you first need to care about the conditions of plants.

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How to get rid of lice

The solution is to purchase chemicals, while adhering to precautions. Good results solutions «Malathion», «Fitoverm», «Thunder-2», etc.

More universal is «Dichlorvos» any of the firms. The use of chemicals, strictly following the instructions.

More safe for humans, effective methods are folk remedies.

  • To disinfect soil with a weak solution of manganese. But it is necessary to monitor concentration, so as not to burn roots. Those who do not risk to use this tool, it is better to replace the manganese soap solutions.
  • Sticking in the ground a few matches of sulfuric head down, the plants watered. During the week, with periodicity of 1 times in 2 days the matches are changed for new ones.
  • An excellent disinfectant (and also a good fertilizer) is wood ash, which is added to the top layer of the substrate.
  • It is good to spray the plants with an infusion of garlic, aged for 4 days (1 liter of water 3 chopped heads). Or put a few cloves in the pot.
  • Perfectly eliminates gnats on indoor plants orange peel, which stuck in the ground next to a flower.
  • Effective cockroach chalk – crushed powder sprinkled on the ground with the affected plant. You can even paint yourself a flower pot.
  • We should not forget about the old world as the sticky insects. This is a great trap for insects. They can hang the plants, wrap them pot or just put on top.

Note: Pests of indoor plants and their control

Trying to get rid of gnats on indoor plants, special attention should be paid to those crops that the insects prefer.

How to get rid of gnats on indoor plants

Scaredy partial to violets, ficus, asalem and other species with thick leaves.

But the springtails to taste the leaves are soft, like begonias and fuchsias.

From attention depends on the health of their green «Pets.»

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