How to find water and to choose a place under the well in the country

how to find water on the plot

In order to find water and to choose a place under the well in the country, need to undertake the necessary measures to determine how closely overlie and are generally the ground water through your site.

The best place under the well is the area where the water is not very close to the surface, and not too deep.

Normal conditions for the time water was considered to be in the range from 2 meters to 5-V.

This surface water, they very quickly appear in spring or after rains, and also dry quickly in the dry season.

Our task is to find water for the well in the deep lakes that do not dry up. Plus the water is better filtered.

To search for such a place there are proven methods that unfortunately do not give full confidence, although combining them, you can achieve very good results.The first thing you need to do is study the terrain. Ground water, which is just what we needed for a structure, usually found in the lowlands and valleys.

On elevated terrain, find water can only be very deep. This method is justified in 40 cases out of 100, because even in the lowlands lived the water can pass by your site.

It is possible for water to use dehumidifiers. This method can be justified by 65%. Granular silica gel should be dried and then place any cookware uncovered glaze.

This was followed by the hanging loop container, wrapped with thick cloth and buried to a depth of two feet in selected location under the well.

After 24 hours the dishes were recovered and are re-weighting. If the weight is increased, so the water is not deep from the surface. Naturally, this method is applied in a dry not rainy weather.

The following method of finding water with vegetation on the site. If in any place of your house grows sedge, mother and stepmother, goutweed, spruce, alder, it is likely that in this area ground water table.

These plants love wet soil. Expectations are met in 60% of cases. You can also try to find water at the site by the meteorological method.

It is the following evening on a hot day you need to check the soil. In a place where ground water, in the morning it will be wet and formed a small mist.

Reliability is about 75%, but can be misleading due to the finding of surface waters. Also conduct exploratory drilling.

This work is usually done by specific organizations, or on their own with the garden borax and other devices.

This method in combination with the other listed above gives a good result. The well is being drilled approximately 10metrov.

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