How to distinguish male from female sea buckthorn

How to distinguish male from female sea buckthorn

Those who decided to sit on the site of sea buckthorn, you should consider that this culture is dioecious, there are male and female.

Without their mutual neighborhood will not occur, fertilization, and, therefore, there will be no harvest.

One male plant of sea buckthorn planted in the company up to 4-5 women at a distance of 2.5 m from them. But this is not done mindlessly, you need to know the climatic features of the region.

Male sea buckthorn should be placed in such a way that during flowering, prevailing in the area of wind blew from the «stronger sex», bringing the pollen to the female bushes of sea buckthorn.

By the way, if neighboring sites within a radius of 100 m is already sea buckthorn male, it is possible to use, saving space on the site.

You can use another experience to instill the stalk of the male plant on the female Bush.

But the complexity of some the gardener is exactly the definition of dioecious plants.

The shrubbery, which is less than 3 years it is very difficult to identify who will develop flowers in the mother, which in the staminate.

So you’ll have to wait for full bloom, to find out what individuals planted in the area. Male best place to buy is already more Mature (to be sure).

How to distinguish male from female sea buckthorn

If sea buckthorn has entered the fruiting stage, to define «sexual accessories» plants will be easier.

And do not have to wait for the flowering and even the buds of the female Bush differ from those of men. Therefore, in the autumn, after the leaves fall, you can do an audit of the bushes.

The kidney of the female is 3 times smaller than men’s. Number of scales are also different. Female 2, and therefore, the kidney looks like the little bug. But the male kidney was covered with about 6-7 scales, and when blossom looks like a crested pineapple.

With flowers even easier here because of the lack petals more clearly see the «sexual characteristics».

The female flowers are yellowish color are collected in bunches (3 to 11 pieces in each sinus). Outside consists of checkvideo simple perianth with a single pistil.

Male flowers are painted in dirty green with a silver sheen shade and is collected in small spikelets. There is already chickabiddy perianth bilobed. It

as know an sea buckthorn male and female

there are 4 stamens.

During flowering they begin quite to scatter the pollen which the wind carries through the neighborhood at a decent distance.

So, knowing the biological characteristics of the plants will not be difficult to distinguish male from female sea-buckthorn, and to breed in their area «polygamous family» this culture, which, with good care, will give a great harvest.

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