How to determine the acidity of the soil

How to determine the acidity of the soil

The top layer of land, it provides the plants the normal development of nutritionally referred to as soil.

But the earth is not only a source of food for plants, and substrate, which is the habitat of the natural flora.

Briefly about the soil

Soil is a complex system of chemicals and microorganisms.

Therefore, its structure in different parts is different. And each «cocktail» of soil is its «Amateur».

For the cultivation of plants-is necessary the fertile ground where the big role is played by its depth.

But, other factors of fertility: humidity, acidity of soil, its structure, microflora, mechanical and chemical composition.


The acidity of the soil

When talking about the chemical composition of the soil, meant its contamination with harmful substances, salinity and acidity.

It is the latter characteristic, with reduced parameters (pH less than 4) is highly acidic and not suitable for any cultural vegetation.

But the composition slightly acidic (pH 5-6) prefer not all plants – more than the optimal is considered neutral soil (pH 6-7) or slightly alkaline (pH 7-8).

But few know the preferences of the cultures themselves to determine the acidity of the soil is considered to be a priority.

Determination of acidity of soil

To determine the acidity of the soil, to help farmers in a special technique: the device Lemovskogo or potentiometer.

The average gardener-gardener of such equipment may not be. But do not despair – there is a simple way of sampling soil.

  • Conditionally divide his land into 10 sections, and bring each of them a sample (somewhere on the glass).


  • All land taken must be mixed, give a pound and fairly well dried.


  • In distilled water, dilute dried the earth (per 30 ml of liquid – 1 teaspoon dry mix).


  • Mix composition and put to soak the day.


  • Then you carefully pour the water into a clean container, and check the acidity with litmus indicator.

 Plant indicators of soil acidity

To determine the acidity of the soil and less time-consuming method, but have to «turn on» care.

Look at the weeds that grow in your area – they are better than any of the litmus will tell you about the condition of the soil.

How to determine the acidity of the soil

  • High soil acidity prefer plantain, mullein, knotweed, horsetail, wild sorrel, wild clover, sedge black.


  • A neutral soil, choose the field bindweed, mayweed, sow Thistle vegetable, Wheatgrass.

If in your area there are quite other weed plants, it can be concluded that the available weakly acidic soil.

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