How to determine the acidity of the soil around the plants?

to determine the acidity of the soil around the plants

Soil acidity is determined by pH on a scale whose values start from 1 and end with s 14.

The low pH of the soil, saying that it is acidic, if the reading is equal to 7 is neutral, and all values above indicate that the soil is alkaline.

To determine accurate values of soil pH by using test strips or pH Testori.

You can buy them in stores for gardeners. In addition, the Supervisory growers can determine soil acidity on plants «indicators», which was chosen by Your country site.

However, in this case using plants-indicators pH value will be very approximate, and to say strongly acidic or slightly alkaline soil is almost impossible.

Plants alkaline soil

On alkaline soils settle plants, called kaltsefily or basefile. Such soils like: birch field, quinoa, red clover, elderberry, dogwood, winter cress, Euonymus, mustard, tar poppy-rhoeas.

Of ornamental plants feels good: cuff Alpine, bearded iris, soft cuff, hellebore, anaphalis, geranium macrorrhizos, bell, woolly betony, clove, evening primrose, Catnip, lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, Adonis, alyssum, etc.

Some ornamental shrubs, too, will feel good in alkaline soil. These include: barberry, lilac, lilac, budley.

On such soils the iron is absorbed by plants very badly, alkaline soil usually have poor chemical properties, and generally infertile.

Many ornamental plants and flowers will experience a shortage of manganese, magnesium, and iron ions. Lack of nutrients will cause chlorosis, causing the leaves will prematurely turn yellow, the tops to dry and the growth of shoots is very weak.

To reduce the acidity of the soil by using peat moss, which you need to make when digging. The number depends on his readings of pH, can sometimes reach 50%.

Plants acidic soil

In acidic soils to grow crops that are called acidophilia. These include: spruce, pine, aspen, guelder rose, Rowan.

Strongly acidic environment like such herbaceous plants as crowberry, blueberry, horsetail, sorrel, pickerel, ogica.

The presence of violet, plantain, Plakun, cranberries, blueberries, blueberry, Andromeda or bennike suggests that the acidity of the soil medium.

Lily of the valley, Ajuga, Zelenchuk, sedge, trusnik, cerastium prefer slightly acidic soils.

How to determine the acidity of the soil around the plants?

Most vegetable crops prefer a slightly acidic fertile soil, in which they feel comfortable enough.

If the ground in the garden is highly acidic, it must be limed with chalk, wood ash or dolomite flour.

The main thing is not to overdo it, so it does not become alkaline. Soil limed if the pH is more than 5.5.

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