How to decorate a fence in the country

decorate a fence in the country

Than you can decorate a fence in the countryto be beautiful from spring to autumn.

Of course flowers, and many gardeners at their dachas solved this problem.

Clematis and kniazhyky a great option for decorating in the country not only fencing, but also verandas and pergolas, plus they do not require much care.

Clematis clings young leaves and petioles, a thin support. So it is good to use to decorate the fence of mesh or wire. Knyazhiki are also suitable for this role.

These flowers do not need to be removed from the support, to close for the winter. Freeze can only in the long and very cold winter. Grow well on slightly alkaline or neutral soils. Need rare loosening.

Need to be watered moderately to in the shadow of the fence, the water does not stagnate. Prefer a Sunny position, although light shade can also grow.

To decorate the fence to plant different flowers mixed. When clematis are just starting to gain color, kniazhyky already covered with leaves.

The bloom lasts 3-4 weeks. The first flowering knyazhik Alpine blue – purple flowers 2-6cm in diameter.

Then picks up the baton of Okhotsk. On herbaceous stems appear single flowers up to 4 cm long, in the form of bells. Are replaced knyazhik Siberian.

All the fence begin to decorate large bells of white and yellow, this happens closer on August.

All these flowers throughout the summer, emanates a delicate aroma.

Clematis have small, large flowers and fast growth. At the end of October they cut, leaving a 3-4uzla and Spud.

decorate a fence in the country

So simply and beautifully you can decorate a fence in the country, and to all the summer there was a decorative look, don’t forget to remove the dried flowers and cuttings.

Twice during the season to fertilize plants with mineral and organic fertilizers (excluded feeding of acidic peat and manure).

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