How to deal with weeds in the garden at the cottage

weed control

The worst enemies of gardeners, weeds, fighting them is throughout the summer season, from early spring to autumn.

They have good resilience and compared to cultures, unpretentious.

Bear rainy periods, droughts and frosts. At the beginning of the growth, can turn off weak and slowly grow garden plants.

Some gardeners actively use herbicides to kill excess vegetation on the plot.

It is absolutely not permissible, as part of the poisons together with vegetables and fruit will fall into your body, the soil will be poisoned water in the well or wells will also contain harmful substances.

In this article we will discuss safe operating methods tested, for several generations. How to deal with weeds, you choose.

How to deal with weeds

When preparing the soil in the fall, carefully choose all available roots. In the spring when forming the beds visivite the roots with a rake.

This method will help in the fight against the couch grass, the soil need to dig to a depth of 25cm. Easy digging without a choice of weeds will lead to their increase, and from each severed root will grow a new plant.

To combat the weeds out of the garden, garden or flower bed, you can plant the competitors. After conducting preventive maintenance, plant ground cover perennials and herbs that will give your site a new colors.

For this purpose perfect – periwinkle. During flowering, the whole meadow is covered with white and sky blue flowers.

When laying garden paths, between the plates dropped

weed control

perennials, can withstand trampling, thyme, cat’s-foot. They not only give the path of appeal, but will prevent growth of weeds.

Very good helps to of weed control, timely mowing before seed maturation. If you have missed the point, and the seed is ripe, gather them neatly and burn it.

Lay them in a compost heap you can, they are very resistant, can withstand frost and remain viable for up to 5 years, even after the digestion of animals and birds.

Some gardeners for weed control use the gas method. It is suitable for slow-growing crops grown in the country.

Parsley seeds, black cumin and carrot are laid at a depth of 2 cm after some time, when the whole garden covered with weeds, before emergence of sprouts of vegetables, treatment is carried out with a gas burner.

Thus, you get rid of weeds in a few days will be our cultivated plants.

The weeds will no longer suppress them, and they will go to growth. Weed and grass clippings, it is useful to leave in the aisles or use as mulch. When perepravnaya is soil fertilizer.

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