How to deal with mole crickets in the garden at the cottage


If your garden at the cottage was infested mole cricket, then you have a tedious process to get rid of it.

To deal with mole crickets is very difficult, besides harm to the plants they bring are enormous.

For the season they lay 100 to 200 eggs.

Mole crickets feed on the tender roots of young crops, so if they move back harvest can’t wait. They live in the upper soil layers at depths of up to 8cm. and find this pest is not so easy.

About the appearance of these insects on the plot, indicate the hole in the ground and winding underground passages.

To fight them you can use chemical means, but the most grown crop will contain toxic substances that will have a negative impact to your body.

Therefore it is better to use traditional methods, especially as they have long applied and are well. Choose the most suitable for you, and good luck in the fight against mole crickets.

To catch these insects, you can use a deep bowl dug at ground level in places where pests.

The dishes need to fill with water so that it does not reach the edges of 8-10cm. Literally overnight, this way you can gather a lot of crickets.

In the spring after the snow melts, the town in several places


lay pieces of plywood. On Sunny days, these insects crawl out of holes, crawl under the plywood and bask under it.

After lunch, take a bucket filled with half water, and go at the plot for pests. In those days, out of the shelter, they can collect a big amount.

In the summer, is also expanding fanerki on the trails, in the evening you can go and collect the crickets.

Possible when transplanting add to the hole, crushed eggshells, and on top of the soil, also sprinkle around the plant with the shell.

The sharp and hard fragments prevent the pest to eat the roots. To combat the mole cricket use twigs of alder ( it scares away the insect).

Green branches stuck in the ground between the vegetable crops of approximately 1.5 m from each other. As drying is replaced by a fresh one.

Nests of these insects in the fall, you need to pour a special solution. To make it in 1l of water, add 100 g of kerosene, and each burrow of mole crickets pour about 40g.

You can use a bait pit. On a plot with a mass congestion of pests, in September, dig a small pit and fill it with horse manure slide.

Mole crickets are held in it for the winter. With the onset of cold manure scattered across the garden, all the insects are there to die.

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