How to deal with Colorado potato beetle

how to deal with Colorado potato beetle

If you are growing in the summer garden potatoes, then perhaps each season are faced with a major potato pest.

It is possible to fight the Colorado potato beetle effective methods, and then will be able to get a good harvest, virtually none of which without losing.

Warn at once, that will get rid of this pest does not work, as these bugs there are in the neighbouring gardens, which can easily move to you.

Even if your neighbors do not grow potatoes, it is to avoid this scourge will fail, except Colorado beetle potato leaf also eat tomato, eggplant leaves, and other crops belong to Solanaceae.

The beetle hibernates in the ground at a depth of 50cm, also hiding in the soil and scorching heat. When heating of the soil up to 12-15C, the Colorado potato beetle comes to the surface. Most of them successfully overwinter in the ground.

Females fertilized in autumn almost immediately begin oviposition on the inner surface of the leaves, others settle on the land and begin to eat off the stalks and leaves.

From the eggs after 7 days you receive up to 600 larvae, which are also beginning to consume culture. If you do not fight the Colorado potato beetle from plants may remain only a naked stalk. In a good warm summer, a single female beetle can be fertilized two times.

How to deal with Colorado potato beetle

Four well-known method of combating this pest: biological, chemical, mechanical and agronomic.

Biological method is used for potato cultivation in large areas. To combat the beetle are insects, birds and microorganisms, which destroy the larvae and adults.

Chemical method most desirable for suburban areas because of the need to apply different chemicals that can harm your health.

In addition, through habituation and the development of resistance in beetles, the chemical material will have to change.

Mechanical the safest and easiest, but time-consuming. In this method, gardeners need with intervals of 1-2 days, can be and often to examine plants and soil under them. All found Colorado beetles and larvae are collected for further destruction.

The agronomic method includes a complex of measures of struggle. Perekidyvaetsya the soil to a depth of 30 cm, the potatoes used for planting badly eaten by the pest.

Constantly hold events for the development of plants, improving the growth and sustainability of the bugs. The same can be applied to control the Colorado potato beetle folk and absolutely without harmful methods.

After harvest need processing potato field 4-percent solution of chicken manure. You can sprinkle the potato plants wood ashes through a sieve.

This operation is carried out several times a season. Good potatoes to protect crop plants-repellents. Beetle avoids these plants, these include: calendula, garlic, legumes.

Ash-soap solution also give. Pour 1 kg of ash in a bucket of water and boil for 10-12minut, then add 50g. grated soap and let it brew solution 2days.

Then you can spray the bushes. You can also chopped the tops of tomatoes (3kg) to add to the bucket of water and boil for 20-25minutes, add soap, after cooling, can be sprayed.

Treatment of potato plants is carried out in the evening in warm calm weather.

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