How to deal with aphids in the garden

the fight against aphids

The green Apple aphid is a dangerous pest which dwells on Apple trees, pears, plums, mountain ash and other fruit trees.

Usually settles aphids whole colonies on young shoots, leaves, affecting all the sheets from start of season to end.

She’s proboscis pierces the skin of leaves, fruits and young shoots, and sucks out the juice, so the fight against aphids is needed.

The plant as if it bled, it becomes vulnerable to frost, and eventually dies.

Aphids are starting to eat tender parts of the branches of young shoots.

Therefore, in order to prevent its further spread, it is advised to remove the affected shoots and spray the tree with a solution infused with 2-3 days of onion skin or garlic shoots, mixed with tar soap. Aphids will die instantly.

Such processing of trees should be done periodically, if you notice the appearance of insects on the leaves.

Some gardeners collect ladybugs and planted landing on colonies of aphids. These insects consume aphids from the trees without causing harm to the plants.

But the ant burrows and moves, located close to your Apple trees or other fruit trees and bushes, I advise you to pour boiling water to the creeps from this place, because the ants «vypisyvayut» aphids on the crop for their needs and destroy the ladybugs.

You can fumigate the mushroom – raincoat bee chimney tree. To do this, take a ripe mushroom with green middle, set him on fire and fumigate the smoke of the plant. After one to two weeks the procedure is advised to repeat.

Very useful to blooming Bud the crown of fruit trees, which successfully conducted the winter larvae aphids, a solution nitrafena

aphid and ladybug

three hundred grams on a large bucket of water.

It is useful to feed the trees with a solution of wood ash at the first appearance of insects and in the secondary.

A good pour leaves a thick solution of soap — aphids from him also dies. One of the options for spraying is to mix soap solution with the tobacco infusion.

However, it is not very effective in some cases.In autumn you can use a sulfur checkers. Smoke from the burning destroys not only pests, but also agents of fungal diseases.

Thus it is necessary to conduct periodic inspection of plants. Sometimes it is enough to pinch off and destroy inhabited by aphids delicate top branches.

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