How to deal with ants in the garden and home

how to deal with ants

Sometimes infest the garden house ants.

Those gardeners who are faced with this problem, know how hard it is to deal with ants.

To get rid of them, the most important thing is to find their nest.

This task, however, may not be feasible.

The fact that the nest may be in a place that you need to disassemble half of the house to get to him.

In this case you can use toxic baits for ants. Those insects that fall to us in the eye, engaged in the production of food for the colony.

But with them and you can «pass» poisonous potion for the larvae and females. If she dies, the nest will disintegrate.

There are a few recipes that are appealing to the taste, and at the same time is deadly to ants.

Mixing correct proportions, the insect that just will not die and will carry the poison in the lair. Using a few recipes a few weeks, you can completely get rid of ants.

Baits are placed in areas with the greatest cross-country insects. Keep animals and small children.

In 200gr. water to add boric acid (1/4 teaspoon), sugar (3 teaspoons) honey (2 teaspoons).

Exposed in a shallow bowl on the ant trail. Ground borax (1/2 tsp) mixed with minced meat (2st. L.).

The mixed composition is decomposed in places of a congestion of insects. The smell of the oil repels ants, also the smell of wormwood, wild mint and elderberry.

Can be purchased in a specialized shop with special tools to deal with

how to deal with ants

ants, the names may be different, but the principle is about the same. The effect of such means, lives up to expectations.

To get rid of ants in trees, it is necessary to examine all the branches, as a rule, you will find aphids. To begin to free the leaves from insects.

Sometimes, after the ants disappear, if that doesn’t work, you can spray the trunk and branches with solution of soda (5g), Flaxseed oil (30g) and water (1l).

For the destruction of the nest in the bucket of water dissolve 400 g of soap. Then add 2 tbsp of carbolic acid and 10 spoons of kerosene.

With this solution you can spray the trees, water on the anthill, after several times of use, the ants disappear. You can also smear the pitches tables, solid ring with a thickness of 10cm.

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