How to cut down a tree

how to cut down a tree

The contents of the orchard at the cottage requires some effort.

Trees and shrubs maintenance: pruning branches, painting, spraying, etc., but it goes beyond that, unfortunately, sometimes have to resort to extreme measures, tree removal fully.

Before a gardener faced with the task of how to cut down a tree, and here is not surprising, because it is big and sprawling, cutting may not be safe and cause injury to person, damage to nearby buildings and horticultural crops.

Therefore, this job requires certain skills and safety compliance.

How to cut down a tree in the country

We have to act slowly, first of all, pay attention to the preparations for the sawing of wood.

Identify the danger zone around the crash site of trunk, note that the area of possible damage is much higher than the size of the tree because in the fall, it can bounce to the side, and branches, especially dry, after hitting the ground unable to fly long distance.

Of course, this applies more to the old birches, cedar, oak, but also in the cutting down of fruit trees: Apple, cherry, pear and caution can not hurt.

If properly cut down a tree, it will drop in a predetermined you place. If a free site there, and nearby there are buildings and landing that you need, it is better to resort to piecemeal cutting, or even remove large branches.

To make the barrel fell in the desired direction with high probability, it is necessary, as above to tie a strong rope. It should be much longer than wood.

As on the other side will have to be people who will begin to pull the rope on himself, he needs to stay safe.

To correctly cut down a tree , consider the weather conditions in the windy weather for this work and should be avoided, when the gust of wind it might not go according to your plan, so clothing should be appropriate, possible exposed areas of the body should not stay, shorts and flip-flops for this work are not suitable.

In principle, the right to fell the tree all ready, you can begin. If you do it first, better to use hand tools, hacksaw on wood with large teeth or luchkovoj a saw. Electro-and chainsaws for professionals.

All we pass to practical actions. Do everything in stages. First, in the trunk of the tree from the decline, it is necessary to cut a wedge-shaped piece. To do this, at an angle of 45° towards the ground is the cut on 1/3 of the trunk diameter. Then below the horizontal kerf, the connection to the first, that the wedge piece can be freely removed.

Now on the other hand, slightly below another horizontal cut, also 1/3 part, only here it is necessary to be very careful. Wood inside

how to cut down a tree

can be weak and then the middle fibers can not hold back the massive tree and the fall can begin earlier. During propilivanija the rope should be in the tense position.

Upon completion of step aside and give the command to his assistant to pull.

The tree should fall in the right direction, if not be, it will have rasp.

In case of doubt and fear, do not handle this yourself, leave it to the experts, health is more expensive.

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