How to create the garden in art Nouveau style

garden in modern style

If you aim to design your garden in modern style, you should choose arbors with elements of decoration in the form of birds, bridges with figures of mermaids, lamps in the form of insects.

In the weave of the fence needs to grasp the stems of the vines and the vine, and the stem of the lamp can be old dry tree.

With wild trees most suitable weeping willow or weeping birch, elm or ash.

The pillars of buildings, swing gates or arches must entwine grapes, hops, clematis, convolvulus, sweet peas.

The entrance to the garden or to the gate of the garden in modern style, you can entwine the climbing roses, zucchini or decorative pumpkins.

In mixborders such a modern garden should be planted with irises and lilies, primrose and poppies, peonies and daffodils.

Moreover, the combination of colors should be very sharp and contrast, and the mixed borders should be bright and colorful. The area may be densely lined with smooth tiles, white – pink or gray marble.

Table and chairs in the open can be framed about the same, or in rectangular shapes of plastic.

The outlines of all the paths of the garden and flower beds need to plan smooth, they should not be sharp corners.

All of the garden space clearly visible and once the furniture is misplaced. May not be visible outbuildings.

It does not fit into the logic of modernity, focused on simplicity and renunciation of life. The trees should be in limited quantities.

The main requirement for them is the strangeness of the crown, trunk or leaves. To plant them in groups in the background of the garden.

These types

garden in modern style

include Lombardy poplar, thuja and cypress. However, if your climate they don’t grow, you can do pruning of the ordinary for your area of the trees in the figures.

Among the bushes need to select rhododendrons and climbing roses.

The main character of the series flower garden in modern style becomes the favorite flower of impressionist – iris. All shades look good in flowerbeds and mixed borders.

But in addition is usually planted iris and lilies, and Phlox, and daffodils, and hollyhocks, and evening primrose.

All these flowers primarily to take white and lilac flowers that will look harmoniously on lawn grass dark green.

The plant should also groups or tapeworms. But however, at the request of the customer, the color of all colors can vary in the direction of any color.

And of course we can not forget about lianopodobnyh plants. They will decorate any surface and will add quirkiness to any design.

Therefore, for trellis structures should be selected or morning glories, hops, ivy or wild grapes, clematis or peas fragrant.

And a small vegetable garden usually in this garden decided to grow curly parsley and ornamental cabbage, lemon balm and mint for tea, Basil and watercress.

In the cozy sitting area and a well-planted thyme and lavender, sage and saffron, Jasmine, and fragrant tobacco to enjoy and relax in the peaceful garden, inhaling their heavenly aroma.

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