How to create favorable conditions for growing roses

the conditions for growing roses

Rose strongly Deplete the soil for good growth and flowering, the flowers take a lot of nutrients out of the ground.

To create favorable conditions for growing roses must be planted in fertile and loose soil and during the growing period to feed and properly care.

Based on the structure of the earth, use these or other fertilizers. Loamy soils have high acidity, low humus content and low fertility.

On the black soil, the plants lack in Bor, phosphorus and manganese. In acidic and sandy soils are also deficient in molybdenum, calcium and magnesium, these elements are necessary for growing roses.

The lack of nutrients negatively affects the growth and flowering of plants. For maximum effect, it is necessary to use mineral and organic fertilizers, timely fertilizing, loosening the soil, watering and mulching.

For a good vigorous growth of roses and lush leafy need nitrogen. In the period of intensive growth it is absorbed by flowers in large quantity.

With enough nitrogen, the leaves are of a great size and dark green color. On the contrary, when excessive excess nitrogen delayed flowering.

To avoid this, the rate of nitrogen reduction, and phosphorus and potassium increase.

Also creating the conditions for growing roses, do not forget about the other trace elements: copper, boron, zinc, iodine, molybdenum, manganese and cobalt.

In the growth of the flowers they play an important role, and help plants to overwinter. To make them it is necessary twice during the growth and flowering towards autumn.

The whole vegetative period it is necessary to loosen the soil around the bushes, this creates favorable conditions for shoot growth and improved flowering.

After August 10, loosening stops in order to stop the growth of shoots. At the end of August, also stop cutting roses, to fruit and curb the germination of the kidneys. All these measures will create conditions for colors in preparation for winter.

The main condition for growing roses is timely garbage collection, cleanliness and preventive spraying against pests and viral diseases.

Processing the bushes actually spent in cloudy weather and in the evening. The major diseases of roses are powdery mildew and rust and a major pest – aphids.

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