How to create a piece of the mysterious Japan on their site?

the Japanese-style garden

Gardens in the Japanese style should delight you with bright colors all year round and create a calming and relaxation for your soul.

The idea of such a garden is a miniature reproduction of a Japanese landscape.

Therefore, it would be appropriate small waterfalls and artificial streams, houses and arbors, Japanese architecture, images of dragons and fancy lights. Here shall reign stone, wood and water.

Water, as a symbol of continuity and transience of life, should be represented by a stream ending in a waterfall at the end and poured a small lake.

However, if for some reason this cannot be done directly with water, it is possible to create the illusion of such a transformation of a streamlet into the lake through the use of sand, brick dust or smoothed river stones.

Fence in the gardens of Japanese style shall not exceed the height of 150 centimeters and is better, if it is a hedge of trimmed or just a low evergreen shrub.

Such a fence shall not create a closed space, but on the contrary, it must continue landscape.

On the perimeter and in the intervals can be set for lighting Japanese lanterns «Isidoro», which can be multi-colored or single color by request of the author’s garden.

Further, the perimeter must be trees. Between them, as if randomly, you should set the boulders and rocks of different sizes and shapes that will help you relax and to remember the eternity of the universe.

Rear garden planted with trees with dark foliage (mountain pine, larch, thuja), and a close-up is filled with deciduous and conifer trees with bright leaves.

Trees should be dwarf, or formed in the same way. For example, very well looked baranik and the Japanese fan maple.

At intervals on the ground are planted in moss of different shades, creeping Phlox,

the Japanese-style garden

decorative strawberries. These plants with a solid blanket shrouded the entire free space and do not allow weeds to germinate.

Very well between dwarf trees (plum, cherry felt, nipponskoy spirea, Potentilla, spirea, Japanese, Kuril tea) to plant a low shrub.

These include plants like barberry, peonies, weigela, Japanese quince, birch swamp.

It is quite charming to take a look at the Japanese garden of deciduous rhododendrons, grasses, and herbs (thyme, astilba, iberis, the host and some others).

Do not forget about the architectural structures: arbors should be delicate and small. Houses can be single storey but quite wide, with large simple, no frills, doors and lots of Windows.

Are not acceptable areas for entertainment and children to play. Japanese gardens are designed for contemplation, for mediation, for understanding of himself and of eternity, but not for merrymaking.

Remember this when you have planted a Japanese garden on the site.

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