How to create a decorative vegetable garden at the dacha with his hands

ornamental garden with his own hands

Gradually suburban areas, consisting of raised beds and small garden shed, transformed into a beautifully decorated area with decorative garden, garden, flower bed, place for rest, and so on.

In this article we will focus on how to create at the cottage with his own hands a decorative vegetable garden, which not only will bring the harvest, but also will decorate the garden.

To plan a decorative vegetable garden is desirable in the autumn, after harvest to the spring already Peeps the features of the future of the oasis consisting of various plants.

To start, select on the site a solar glade, protected around the shrub from the wind.

It is very important to the future of decorative garden made by your own hands, more like a flower garden and was responsible landscape design the entire property.

In this garden the garden in our usual sense is not provided, instead the territory is divided into areas of non-standard forms similar to the flowerbeds.

Their location may be the most diverse, as long as they look harmonious.

The simplest scheme with a round flowerbed in the middle, and the edges of a rectangular or triangular patch.

Plants in the decorative garden, it is recommended to grow it in mixed plantings or

ornamental garden with his own hands

small arrays.

High culture is placed on the background, lower in the middle, and small at the front.

All vegetable crops are their demands to growing conditions: soil composition, irrigation frequency, need for fertilization.

Moreover, plant-insect repellents can protect each other from attacks of pests. If you are hosting plantings ornamental garden to take into account all these factors, will be able to get not only a beautiful area, but also to grow a good crop.

If you approach the creation of a decorative vegetable garden with their hands creatively and thoughtfully, on a small plot of land will accommodate all the necessary vegetables and spices.

Very nice would look like if every kind to share a border with flowers: begonia, marigolds and so on.

ornamental garden with his own hands

All the flower beds-the beds are separated by gravel pathways, paving, concrete.

For framing borders are made from scrap materials: planks, logs, bricks, or plastic.

The center was created with his own hands the garden, it is good to decorate a tall perennial plants in pots.

In conclusion, based on years of experience in maintenance of suburban area, the conclusion is clear.

The main thing is not afraid to experiment and to realize your dreams, then success will not keep itself waiting long.

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