How to cook barbecue in the country

how to cook barbecue in the country

Kebabs – a mandatory attribute of the holiday cottage cheerful company or with friends.

Usually, the process of proper barbecue is more important than the result.

This simple, at first glance, the dish will bring a joyful sense of celebration and companionship.

But do not be deceived by the seeming simplicity of the barbecue, actually is a real art, and not everyone can become a virtuoso. But should learn.

To properly prepare a barbeque in the country, the necessary grill (barbecue) skewers, if made of steel, made of non-oxidizable metals.

Skewers on the grill placed so that the fire did not get to the kebabs, or they can burn. The optimal height of over the coals 4-5 cm.

Very well, if the grill will have a ash pit and the grate to regulate cravings. If everything was spontaneous and grill at hand was not, you can fold the hearth of brick or stone, and as skewers to use fresh sprigs of trees.

To cook skewers of raw meat, but to speed up cooking you can pre-it for 10-15 minutes to simmer in the pan or in the oven.

It is important that the meat kebab well done, because undercooked meat loses its quality. And most importantly meat has several hours to soak in the marinade to barbecue well marinated.

Another not unimportant point for barbecue, play coal. Better if you give the advantages of wood: acacia, oak, beech, and dogwood.

The advantage of these rocks is that it turns a lot of coal. To use the wood for charcoal coniferous extremely desirable because of its specific smell and taste of meat.

Perfectly used for coal material from the vines. Also the taste of a good barbecue can deteriorate if the meat was frozen.

In the preparation of the skewers of fish, use only fresh, frozen and would not fit.

When cooking kebabs on the grill, brush it with vegetable oil and heat. Then put the meat, then the barbecue will be more juicy.

Too large pieces of kebab roasted at high temperatures, so that the meat retains juiciness. When it is on top of fry, the temperature should decrease, so the meat does not become embers.

To properly prepare a barbeque in the country, cannot be distracted from the process, they require constant attention.

And of course the most important and most enjoyable rule the skewers need to eat it immediately and not left for later. I think this one will not argue.

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