How to conduct water from the well

plastic pipe

I decided at the cottage to hold the water to the house from the well.

Began to search the Internet, what is needed for this components and what type of tubes are better.

I’ll tell you, the water is conducted independently, with their hands.

Since then 3 years have passed, the whole system works perfectly, so I decided to share the experience.

To conduct water to the house from the well or wells is perfect (HDPE) polyethylene pipes of low pressure.

Make it better down, so that winter did not have to dig out and warm up. In all regions, the depth of soil freezing is different, and year on year is not necessary, so I buried the pipes on 2 meters.

For the pipeline will need an adapter «pump-pipe». For our installation, it is better to use brass.

To prevent water back into the well, be sure to buy a check valve.

For example, for a 32 mm tube will fit inch valve, and generally targeting the diameter of the pipe.

Me to hold the water in the house from a well, such pipe is enough, and the pressure is good. You also need to take two plastic adapters to connect the valve.

Length (MHP) depends on the length of the conduit, only to the diameter of the pipe correspond to the pump power.

If your pipeline will have kinks, it is better to stock up on plastic taps, water loss, and the load on the pump will be less. To deliver the water to the house from the well or wells required submersible

submersible pump


To conserve its resources, in the summer house, you need to install the accumulator. He will need to maintain the pressure in the pipeline and water storage.

The operation of this apparatus is in automatic mode, i.e. when you open the faucet water flows from the accumulator, and from the well, the pump begins to pump, as emptying the tank of the unit.

In addition, this drive will come in handy if there is a temporary power outage, which often happens in suburban towns. Some time the water you will still.


To connect the accumulator need additional components:Gauge;Petitional adapter;Cap valve;pressure switches;Adapters from the adapter to the pipe;Flexible hose.

As already mentioned for water supply will require not only the pump, but the cable for his dip that he was securely attached, and the wiring in a protective waterproof shell.

A cap for sealing the wellhead, and heat shrink the connection of electricity.

In fact, to conduct water into the house from well or well, not really difficult as it may seem at first, if something is not clear read again, slowly.

I’m sure any grower or gardener a male, can provide comfort at the cottage, and even better if the well is inside the house.

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