How to close clematis for winter

How to close clematis for winter

Beautiful delicate blossoms of ornamental vines is a real decoration of the garden plot.

But, unfortunately, these garden perennials are very afraid of cold.

Therefore, if the clematis is already well settled in his place, then replant it for the winter in a pot is not worth it.

But the wrap will have, and the flowers survived the cold, you need to do it properly.

Prepare clematis for winter

Even with mild winters with light frosts, this plant is impossible to leave on the poles. The owner definitely needs to close clematis for winter, pre-preparing them to do so.

  • Before the first frost soil near the Bush Spud, covering the stem to a height of 15 cm.
  • Then the soil is treated with fungicides to winter would not start a fungus or some other harm.
  • After these steps, proceed to the pruning of the vines, based on the type of plant.

If everything is done correctly, safely wrapped up clematis will survive the winter and will be actively flowering in the following year.


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How to close clematis for winter

Resorting to pruning the vines of clematis, you should take into account the age of shoots-flowering in the current year or in the past.

  • On varieties where shoots bloomed only in the current year, carry a full crop of stems.
  • On those bushes where there is a creeper, flowering in the past year, they have to keep cutting to 1 metre. The other shoots are removed.

Before you close the clematis in the winter, the remaining shoots are gently rolled ring and laid on the ground.

For reliability fix their arcs of wire. Further the Bush serves dry leaves and twigs.

Then comes the flooring of waterproof material (thick plastic film, roofing material, and the like), which is additionally pressed against the boards.

Under this shelter the plants in winter will be comfortable. But this spring you need to get clematis to unpack before the disclosure of the kidneys (that is, immediately after the snow melts). Otherwise, the plant may not survive frosts that occur in the first months of spring.

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Little tricks of the protection of colors

Successfully close clematis in winter the owner can, if in advance, will take into account a number of little tricks that relate to properties of the plant.

  • Planting vines in the open ground, you should try to deepen it so that the point of shoots tillering was from the edge of the ground below 10 centimeters.
  • Do not feed the clematis in August, nitrogen-containing fertilizers, which stimulate the active growth.
  • But potash and phosphoric fertilizer in September is mandatory – it will provide good wintering.



To determine the plant for the winter properly, the owner of a garden site it is necessary to be attentive to your plants.

Having defined the varieties of clematis, the owner will conduct the pruning of those vines that you want to delete.

How to close clematis for winter

Sheets, covers decorative Bush needs to be not just dry, but still without signs of the disease, that the winter not have become a hotbed of floral virus.

But if any shifts have not helped, and clematis were frozen, do not despair, and to remove the rhizome from the site.

A couple of years it can revitalize and give new shoots.

So it pays to be patient and wait for a new miraculous transformations frozen root in the beautiful, fragrant Bush.

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