How to clean a well at the cottage

how to clean well

Many gardeners, having your site well, over time you begin to think, as it to clean.

This happens usually when the water begins to raise doubts as to its fitness for use.

Really cleaned well on a country site in a timely manner, to maintain it in proper form, then the water will have an unpleasant smell and messy residue.In any well with the water gets shallow debris that accumulates, settling on the bottom.

Over time, it becomes so much that the filter can not cope, and begins to pass small particles.

Or if you scooped up a bucket, a large amount of mud, too, is in the water. The amount of trash and its rate of accumulation depends largely on the type of soil in the garden where it dug a well.

If the soil is clay, water turbidity and pollution will occur more frequently than in the soil from hard rocks. Accordingly, to clean the well will be less.

By the way the fine particles of debris that settled on the bottom, in the accumulation form a layer of sludge, which is a favorable environment for the development of hazardous and harmful for the health of the bacteria.

Also bad when the cover is closed, the water in the well will be polluted faster. After clean source of debris, the source can start to fight with renewed vigor.

Water it is advisable to periodically take the analysis and confirm its suitability for use.

How to clean well

Cleaned the well in the country you can own, without the involvement of specialists, it is not so difficult. The most important thing to understand the process of this work, and to follow some rules.

To take part in the cleaning at least 2 people, especially if the well is deep. Very often at the bottom accumulate heavy and toxic fumes.

Before going inside, plywood is cut to form, a smaller permeability of the structure, binds in the middle of the ropes and falls to the bottom. Then quickly rises to the surface.

In this procedure you will be part of the accumulation of gases get on the surface. Then tightly tying a rope, one person, being careful, it goes down.

The second on the top controls the process, and ready if necessary to quickly raise partner to the surface. Also for the safety net it is advisable to use a rope ladder.

To not deep clean the source, you can use

how to clean a well

the stairs.

Water will have to scoop or bucket, or use a deep well pump, depending which way would be easier.

The result should exhaust all the water to clean away the walls of algae, moss, cobwebs, better to do it the pressure of the water, and then to choose from the well all the dirt.

If the source is strong on the bottom with a thin layer of 2-3cm, can pour the clean gravel.

In the new water introduced in the well, add the chloride medium, after chlorine evaporation and the sedimentation of small particles at the bottom, water can be used after about two days. Don’t forget to take water for analysis.

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