How to choose the right pump for the well

how to choose the right pump for the well

To provide a house and garden on a country site the water, many gardeners are thinking about drilling or digging a well for uninterrupted water supply, you must purchase a quality model of the pump.

Therefore, the question immediately arises, how to choose the right pump for the well?

The fact that not all models can go to your settings, for up to a depth of 5 meters, the remaining more than 15 meters.

There are plenty of other nuances that need to be considered before heading to the store.

How to choose the right pump for the well

As we have seen, one of the main parameters depth, which will be water intake. The well should be measured.

Prepare a dry and a long rope tied to the cargo and lower it into the hole until it touches the bottom. You need to record two parameters, total length and height of the water column, which can be defined on wet rope.

Some models of submersible pumps can only work at certain ranges specified in the passport.

Another main value when selecting a pump for wells of the diameter of the inlet. The most common options on the market, it’s 3-and 4-inch models, therefore, before drilling, it is necessary to take into account.

Better, of course, to take diameter to the maximum, then the choice of units more. Discuss the options with experts before beginning work (reference 1dyuym = 2.54 cm).

Next to that you can pay attention to prior, how to choose the right pump for the well, performance.

Depending on water consumption, a choice is made more or less powerful engine. The average for a family of three persons for own needs enough pump capacity up to 60 liters per minute.

If the well is used for watering the garden, orchard and flower garden, it is better to choose a model is twice as powerful.

However, a large capacity pump may be useless, low productivity wells. That is, the water can quickly be pumped and filled slowly.

In some cases, it becomes important parameter such as pressure flow. It is easy to calculate. To the length of well in metres, add 40.

For example, the pump immersion depth 29 meters. 29+40=69 resulting figure better to round off in a big way. Better to choose a pump for a well with a pressure of 70 meters.

The submersible pumps are unsuitable for wells deeper than 25 meters, in this case, it is desirable to use only downhole model.

They are more expensive and require a reverent attitude. For installation using a pipe system, so occasionally I get to clean from silt and sand to be problematic.

Here is the recommended pump for the well, one – use equipment is reliable and proven on the positive side the manufacturer.

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