How to choose the country

how to choose the country

So you’ve finally decided to buy a vacation area where you can relax from city bustle, to be in silence, enjoy the sounds of nature, take a bath, to cook, in General, to relax and soul and body.

We’re disappointed, no need to hurry, the choice of villas should be treated thoroughly, only in this case, country real estate will become a favorite cottage.

How to choose the country

Consider how the cottage will be used for a seasonal residence or a year-round destination.

For example, you can arrive in the winter for a weekend, go skiing, celebrate the holiday again to heat up the bath. In this case, the first thing to pay attention to electrical power and other utilities.

In many horticultural associations for the winter disconnect the electricity, and access roads clean from the snow. In this case, it will be difficult to get to the site, but special services: ambulance, fire.

Before to choose the country, it is advisable to inquire about the availability of security services. If not, Sadovoe Tovarischestvo faster is experiencing not the best times, and maybe quite «falling apart.»

It is possible that thrive on looting and vandalism. It is better to ask the grandparents, neighbors, they all know about, and will tell all.

The source of the water, one of the main factors when choosing a cottage. In most societies, the use of seasonal water, which in winter is turned off. It is important that on a site there were an independent source of water: borehole or well.

If you plan to visit all year round, please note when you choose cottages for weplanet the whole house, floors, ceilings, etc., the presence of furnace and heating systems.

Cleaning of roads in winter, we have already said, but with regard to the presence of access roads in General, it is necessary to examine the road, even if you have no car and plan to get on the train or bus (check the schedule of movement of transport).

The fact that over time you may need to bring building materials, furniture and so on. The road must be to the plot, so you do not wear all by yourself for a few hundred meters from the main road. Please note the width of the street in order to disperse oncoming cars and had a place to turn.

Before to choose a suburban area, you should carefully consider its area. Very often it happens that the first and six acres seems like a lot, and then twenty little. This is important, think well, evaluate your hand. Still, it’s giving the property that you invest your effort and money. Then sell, to find new be a shame.

Inspect the surrounding area, the presence of forests, rivers and plenty of greenery the sign of a good place. The vicinity of the various production facilities it is not advisable.

If you select the cottage you are completely satisfied, you can move on to legal issues. First check the availability of documents, to avoid territorial disputes with its neighbors.

Verification of all documents and the correctness of the operation, trust the professionals, but only worked well, don’t call on questionable ads and do not contact the firm «phony.»

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