How to choose seeds for planting

how to choose seeds

Many gardeners choose seeds just before the summer season, and for good reason.

Fall and winter seed selection in store is much more diverse, and running into fake the risk is reduced.

Better to buy seeds in specialized stores checked.

Making a choice between hybrid seeds and regular, please note that the good seed of the hybrids you get. Conversely, such seeds, on the basis of practice, have a high yield compared to conventional.

Seeds choosing the foreign manufacturer, because inaccurate translation can stumble on the variety and climatic conditions that they might not work for you. It is better to choose seeds that fit your region.

Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the seeds than they fresher the better. Granulated choosing seeds, remember that they after the crop requires abundant watering to germs was easier to break the shell.

If in doubt about the choice of seed varieties, check whether he is included in the state register.

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