How to choose lighting for garden?

landscape lighting in the garden

The owners of country houses know that with the sun out in the garden is not desirable.

Almost invisible in the dark path, the dark glitter of the pond in the moonlight, scary shadows create, to put it mildly, not very welcoming atmosphere.

If you like evening walks, the best way is to create a garden landscape lighting can completely transform your land at night.

Cleverly positioned lamps will lend sophisticated beauty of the waterfalls and streams enhance the beauty of the rosary and will fill the entire garden with a special magic.

The owners of country houses know that landscape design is impossible without proper decorative lighting. The approach to it must be very serious.

Before you buy and place the bulbs, think about what effect you want to obtain. Large grounds and well-placed lamps will help you to allocate separate areas, giving the garden a special atmosphere.

In a small area it makes sense to position them so that the territory seemed to be more. Given the characteristics of lighting to do so is not difficult. For example, warm scattered rays narrow border, and the cold – expanding.

Choosing lights and lamps for recreation areas, be sure to consider that there will be appropriate only warm shade, which will emphasize arranged cozy corners, where you can spend time in the company of friends.

If you want to use lamps of different colors, try not to overdo it. It is desirable to apply no more than 2-3 hues in harmony with each other.

The white color appropriate in various official institutions, will look bad in the garden, so better to give him.

Red, yellow and brown colors are very specific and can only be used in rare cases with great care. If you install too many lamps, the atmosphere in the garden can become an unpleasant and depressing.

On the eve of the celebrations you can think about to install festive lighting with garlands of chopped bulbs.

Such decorative elements will be beneficial to look at large objects, such as trees or gazebos.

For the illumination of reservoirs need to pick up separately. There can be used, both underwater and normal bulbs of various colors and shades.

Original floating lanterns ponds will give a special mystery and a unique flavor. After the installation of underwater lights it is important to correctly adjust the angle to emphasize the natural beauty of the pond or fountain.

If you want to focus on the mansion pond, for example, to draw the attention of guests to the beauty of the goldfish, it is better to choose special not dazzling underwater lights, features a dark hood. They allow to observe the life of the inhabitants of the pond, holding the rays to the surface.

It is important to remember that garden lights can be a decorative element not only at night but during the day, so it is advisable to pay attention to the shape and style of lamps and choose lamps that will fit perfectly with the design of your garden.

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