How to choose how to give

how to choose a walk-behind

A compact and multifunctional unit, which is a great help when working in the garden and in the garden at the cottage.

Especially understand the value of this device owners of large gardens.

Using the cultivator to weed the planting, plow the land, to carry different loads, uprooted stumps, and using additional equipment to plow, harvest and so on.

Types of tillers

Tillers are divided into three types: light, medium and heavy, depending on engine power and mass.

To easy mind are tillers up to 50kg. They are designed for small jobs on the site. For example, to dig up new ground with this technique may be problematic.

The middle is the best option for suburban areas from 10 to 25 acres. To perform almost all work in the garden and the garden. The weight of these tillers from 50 to 80 kg.

Vehicles weighing more than 80kg are heavy mind. They are suitable for all works on sites with a large area of 25 acres.

The most common professional tillers weigh about 120kg. and is equipped with devices for fastening additional equipment. Can reach speeds of up to 12 km/h

Before choosing a helper for the garden, you need to define the desired capacity of the device and by using additional equipment.

The us market offers a large selection of tillers, domestic


and imported, but keep in mind that our though cheaper, but spare parts have to buy more often.

They compared with imported equipment less a reserve of reliability and durability. Although much depends on the owner’s equipment and scope of work.

Engine walking tractor for garden

All tillers are equipped with four-stroke gasoline engines. There are instances of two-stroke petrol engine and

cultivator electric

electric, but they are already the type of cultivators.

It’s easy with a small apparatus, usually a power intended for a ginormous works.

The square of the electric cultivator is limited by the length of the cord, besides in wet weather there is a danger of electric shock.

Gasoline tillers and cultivators have higher capacity, but they are harder to maintain and have a high noise level, this applies particularly to push-pull.

In fairness I must say that many of the cultivators also feature a four-stroke engine and have more power, but have a smaller variety of additional equipment.

Equipment and maintenance of tillers

Standard equipment includes a cutter for processing of soil, rubberized wheels and a set of necessary keys.

In the other manufacturers have the right to equip the model at its discretion. As a rule, the more expensive tillers, there are more devices has a model.

And don’t forget, before to choose how to give , ask the seller the duration of the guarantee and maintenance of the model. If your city centre service repair and parts availability.

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