How to choose flowers for bouquets

flowers for bouquets

It is almost impossible to imagine a favorite cottage flowers.

They saturate the area with bright colors and a wonderful aroma.

I mostly grow flowers for bouquets.

At some point in my life, it was just a fad, and now it has turned into a lucrative business.

Holidays and many joyful events: wedding, birthday, newborn appearance, some significant date, etc.

Going to an event, you may experience difficulties with the selection of flowers for the bouquet. Let’s find out what kind it is best to choose depending on the occasion, because every flower symbolize something.

Flowers for bouquets

Floral classic roses, they are popular with many women, according to the survey, the figure is 85%.

This bouquet symbolizes the warmth and amorous feelings, it is perfectly suited as a gift for a loved one. From rich colors, it is possible to make an excellent composition.

Red roses are the most popular bouquet flowers are considered to be Royal and mean expression of passionate love and affection.

White is considered pure, virgin, they usually give at the wedding. Pink is sophisticated and elegant, they are used as message, and Express a desire to start a romantic relationship.

Deep pink and cherry pie says about gratitude, of tender sympathy. Yellow flowers in a bouquet to symbolize a manifestation of joy, they ought to give the best to celebrate the success.

They are also used for reconciliation between the lovers, to forget the quarrel.

Lilies are a symbol of fidelity and tenderness. A bouquet of these flowers a great gift for gentle, romantic and tender women.

The scent of lilies will hardly leave anyone indifferent, it raises the mood and creates a festive feeling. In ancient times, presenting the flowers, young men expressed tender feelings towards girls and the manifestation of love.

Modern women also will not remain indifferent after receiving such a gift. Some more flowers for bouquets – daisies.

These cute and simple plants white-yellow-green scale symbolize happiness, cheerfulness and loyalty. They have similarities with the field, and in harmony with other colors would be a good addition to the gift.

Tulips, a symbol of eternal youth and spring mood. Bouquets of tulips, according to the floral decal, you can make people of any age, status and gender.

It is considered that such bouquet in the hands of women will ignite the heart of the future of the chosen one and will push for knightly deeds.

Bouquet of lilies of the valley, the house is a sign of love and harmony in family life. These white bells look beautiful and elegant.

In some countries may make a feast of lilies of the valley, which

flowers for bouquets

young people offer the girls his hand and heart. Calla lilies are also the flowers for bouquets which symbolize balance.

Rich colors allows you to Express your feelings more expanded. Pink and Burgundy Calla lilies signify the acceptance and worship.

Yellow flowers talking about restraint, the purple of sorrow and passion. Many believe Calla lilies are the male flower because of his strong appearance.

This list of flowers for the bouquet doesn’t end each person can create their own composition or from specialists.

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