How to choose diesel generator set

diesel generator

There are times when the presence of their own small power plants is urgently needed.

And not only in critical situations: very often a private generator set is the only source of energy, so its acquisition is a very important and serious task.

As an Autonomous source of primary or backup power are likely to choose diesel generator sets that the company sells Energy Integra.

And there’s a simple explanation: despite the fact that diesel generators are a little higher, the cost of maintenance and fuel are much lower than gas or diesel counterpart. In addition, diesel installation is much safer to work with, which is very important when choosing a unit.

But, when buying a generator, except for cost and security, there are other factors that must be taken into account.

The most important moment is choosing the right capacity of diesel generator, from which also depends on the cost of installation.

If you choose a capacity of about to the estimated figures, in the future, as you scale up the number connected to the generator power consumers, it will lead to overload of the installation.

Not the best way affect the operation of the installation and purchase of the unit is too high for this object of power, which can also affect the engine’s operation not the best way.

Manufacturers recommend a minimum load – 25% of its nominal capacity, and optimum from 35 to 75%.

In addition, there are additional factors affecting the capacity of the diesel generator is climatic factors.

Output power of the generator depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment, and the higher these numbers, the lower the system output. To reduce the influence of climatic conditions in several ways.

First of all, you can purchase a diesel generator set in special protective casing or mounted on the trailer under the hood.

If the purchase was already made, to protect the installation in another way- to install it in special ventilated and heated room.

In the case where the acquired generator will be connected only single-phase devices, you can select a single-phase installation.

If at least one of the devices – three-phase, will have to choose in accordance the three phase alternator. When connecting a three-phase generator and single-phase devices, the latter should be connected to the unit uniformly, in all phases, and to the difference of capacity was under 20%.

Only such an approach will allow to preserve in perfect working condition diesel installation for many years.

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