How to choose a voltage stabilizer for summer?

How to choose a voltage stabilizer for summer?

Outages can be in any home, and especially in garden associations.

This problem may be accompanied by a loud humming refrigerator, a burned out light bulb and power surges.

To solve this problem in the country will help the voltage regulator.

A voltage regulator to give

Put simply, you need to purchase a voltage stabilizer. This device connects to the network with unstable voltage, and the output gives the standard 220 V. the device Also stabilizes the voltage surges.

But before you choose and buy a stabilizer to givenecessary to calculate the total sommarnatt all electrical appliances.

The voltage regulator must be off. In other words, its capacity must be greater than the total of the devices.

It is important when buying to look at the following options:

1. The sharpness of the power voltage that is 220 V;2. Range stabilization;3. Continuous or stepped method of voltage regulation;4. How well made Assembly and commissioning.


Even the voltage regulators are divided into three main types, it is servo driven pushers transfer, relay, and electronic.

Servo device is not very expensive, but due to the fact that mechanical components in it a large number it can not be called reliable.

Also cause of that failure often becomes a stuck node that consists of coal-graphite materials. In the result of a broken mechanism.

Relay voltage stabilizers are in second place. They are also not expensive, but if you have the mechanical parts short lifespan.

Also cause of that failure can be a sticking contact. The relay is activated about 40 thousand times.

Electronic stabilizer can confidently be considered the most reliable. The advantages include durability and quick response to surges in input voltage and quiet operation.

But in this device there is a drawback. This is the cost. If you compare with others, then this device is worth to give almost twice as much, but he is perhaps the only can protect equipment from voltage fluctuations.

It is also important to pay attention to the regulation range. To address this question, you need a voltmeter with measuring range 400 volts.

With the help of this device you need to make several measurements in different time intervals. You need to take into account the possible voltage drop in the winter.

How to choose a voltage stabilizer for summer?

If the figures range from 165 to 255, you need to purchase a standard voltage regulator with a normal set of adjustments.

If readings are above or below normal, the stabilizer must be extended in order to cover the differences.

It is very important to know! The greater the voltage jumps up or down, the stronger the need the stabilizer.

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