How to choose a foam block for construction of the country house

foam blocks

Currently there is a huge choice of materials for construction.

Therefore before the consumers is not an easy task on choosing quality material.

Relatively recently in the construction market appeared the foam blocks and made a real coup, as have a number of significant characteristics which have an advantage over other building materials.

Foam is an environmentally friendly material, has high thermal and sound insulation and fire resistance. It is durable and suitable for building almost any building.

This material gives the opportunity to build a house much faster and cheaper, the main thing just right to make a choice.

How to choose quality concrete blocks?

To do this, just need to know a few rules:the First thing that should draw your attention is, of course, the appearance of foam block. Color good the unit should be either light gray or dark gray.

Its structure is good the unit should be porous, and each bottle should have a round shape and be separated from each other. This feature will give not only the possibility of good thermal conductivity, but also to prevent moisture absorption.

Second, just need to check geometry. To do this, just put a few blocks of each other and see that they fit tightly, there should not be cracks, chips and other defects.

Thirdly, you need to remember that the quality of foam should float in water, and should be easy to break. In that case, if a small piece without much effort, you can grind into powder, it is a sign that the manufacturer simply saved on the quality of the material. This manufacturer is definitely not to be trusted.

Without attention do not leave the strength of the foam blocks. The minimum strength of the blocks used in the construction of houses should not be less than 15kg/cm2.

Otherwise, from the use of such materials for construction should be abandoned, otherwise the durability of the house is under a big question.

And the last thing you should not ignore the package itself. If the material is not Packed, it is not worth buying, as it begins to dry and crack.

Based on these not difficult rules, the choice will really be good in the future will not have problems during construction.

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