How to choose a fecal pump

how to choose a fecal pump

Who faced, he knows how sometimes it is difficult to remove contaminated liquids from the suburban area.

I wish that this process was hygienic and fast.

If hiring a service is expensive, you have to cope on their own, and to facilitate best buy faecal pump.

How to choose and what features you need to pay attention, let’s see together in this article.

How to choose a fecal pump

With the help of an assistant, manual cleaning is eliminated.

A modern model of fecal pumps can be used not only in suburban areas, the cottages and on the farms for cultivation of farm animals.

From a large number of the models, it is possible to choose the fecal pump with necessary parameters to execute the tasks.

It can be with or without a shredder, for hot or cold effluents, external, submersible, semi-submersible and different ability of transmission of large particles.

Also, this type of pumps can be used for pumping water from the basement, swimming pool, artificial pond, and so on.

To pump out the dirty fluid from the basement, the cellar, which may contain particle size up to 50mm., better to use fecal submersible pump. There are two kinds: wheel of closed and open type.

The first is also divided into multi-channel and single-channel. This affects the operating parameters. For large pressure and small particles, suitable single channel, multichannel for long-fibre inclusions, but is pumped slower.

For pumping sewage from the pits up to 5 meters, it is advisable to choose fecal pump, series (DM, CM). If there are large and fibrous inclusions, it is desirable to choose the model with the chopper. They work quietly and economically.

In some situations, the best choice would be semi-submerged fecal pump. Such types are mainly used for hot liquids, they are loaded not completely, the engine remains outside. Also, if they feature a flowing, suitable for pumping manure.

If your site human waste water must be drained away to the main sewer, it is better to choose the installation with a storage tank and the pump. It is equipped with a chopping mechanism and can work in automatic mode.

All that now remains to determine for what works need to choose the fecal pump and go to the store for purchase. Purchase equipment with manufacturers that have proven themselves on the positive side.

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