How to choose a brushcutter?

brush cutter

Modern techniques for trimming shrubs and hedges released quite a lot.

Before a gardener is not a simple task, both from the variety to choose a brush cutter, the best.

Small garden with several trees and bushes will be enough mechanical garden shears.

If the volume of the garden is much more suburban area and is decorated with a hedge of shrubs, you should choose a good machine for trimming.

How to choose a brushcutter

Even if the garden is young, and the hedge of length more than 10m, and You think that you can do without special equipment.

Take care about choosing a brush cutter is better, and now small bushes to learn to work with the tool.

Brush cutters are available cordless, electric and petrol, and they both have their pros and cons. Kind of brush You choose-decide.

Rechargeable hedge trimmers

They have a lot of advantages. Due to its light weight, these models are very convenient when you work with your hands. And the small size facilitates pruning hard to reach branches inside the crown.

Rechargeable trimmers are quite quiet, allowing not to disturb others working in the morning or evening.

Modern batteries provide long life. Charge one battery in average is enough for 90mins.

New models of brush cutters are equipped with two batteries, allowing you to work almost non-stop.

In one work, the other is charging. The only drawbacks of rechargeable trimmers, it’s a limitation of the allowable size of the cut branches, and the possibility of overheating.

Electric brush cutters

They don’t need charging and replacement of batteries, stuck in the socket and work. They, like cordless hedge trimmers are quite quiet, but is able to cut thick branches.

One problem is the power cord, which needs to be taken that it is not confused and does not come under the knife.

Petrol brush cutters

These models are perfect for trimming large areas of bushes and thick branches of trees. Real

How to choose a brushcutter?

assistants on the green front.

They are powerful and Autonomous, which allows it to operate for a long time, even if the power went out.

Design new models almost minimize the risk of personal injury, and wide comfortable straps and a belt, to torn back.

They reduced vibration in comparison with petrol brush cutters past generations.

These machines are ideal for professional work.

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