How to care for violets in the home

care for violets

Violet – relates mainly to the potted plant, although many growers have her in the greenhouses, flower gardens at their dachas.

Known annual and perennial varieties.

Violet is smooth, oval and slightly elongated leaves with serrated edges, collected in the rosette.

Leaves green flower with different shades, from light to dark. The flowers are small, up to 3-4cm in diameter.

In color depending on the variety, can be white, rich purple with different shades. Fibrous root system is superficial.

Care for violets in the home does not take much time and does not require special skills, just follow a few recommendations of experts:

  • 1. Great importance for the maintenance of violets is light. She needs at least 12 hours of daylight, this is not to prevent the ingress of direct sunlight.
  • 2. The earth in the flowerpot should be moist, but water should not stagnate. Violet does not tolerate waterlogging, so the excess water from the sump must be drained. For irrigation is desirable to use pooled water at room temperature.

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  • 3. Optimal conditions for the maintenance of violets from +20o C to +24C., down to +18ºC at night. If the plant is young at the best high temperature up to +26ºs, but not above. The same condition applies to actively growing children.
  • 4. Caring for violets, do not forget about moisturizing plants, as the high temperature dries the air. In such circumstances, the plant will lay the buds, but if flowers are formed, small and quickly fade. To correct the situation will help the spraying water from the spray the air above the plant.
  • 5. When transplanting violets, pay special attention to drainage, it should be good, not less than 3 cm, the Substrate need not sour, light, preferably with a high content of humus and compost, and should be coarse sand and peat moss, then care for violets will be minimal. Pot plants must be chosen to 3cm in diameter greater than the outlet.

Violets are propagated by leaf cuttings in spring and summer. To do this, take cuttings from adult plants average size of the patient and not damaged by pests.

This is usually the second sheet from the bottom or strong. Then, under the angle of 45°, make a cut at a distance of 3-4cm from the leaf blade.

Then it is placed in a container of water pooled to a depth of 2 cm, while the cutting edge must not reach the bottom.

In the water you can put a quarter pill of activated charcoal to prevent development of harmful microflora.

The water does not change, only topped up. After the appearance of the roots, violets are planted in a flower pot.

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