How to care for raspberries

caring for raspberries

Raspberry — berry crop, which is the most demanding of moisture and heat.

In the absence of moisture, leaves and fruiting bodies dry out ahead of time, reduces the size of the berries, and the excess can lead to freezing of raspberries in winter.

Adverse places for planting are dry or boggy areas, steep slopes, hills.

Caring for raspberries

You should plant Raspberries or early spring, or autumn. Do it on the straight parts in straight rows on a cord.

Landing good healthy annual plants with a good root system is shorter than fifteen centimeters.

Between the bushes leaving a distance of 75 cm between the rows from two to two and a half meters.

To provide sufficient amount of light, the bushes come from the North to the South.

Pits shall be of sufficient size for the free arrangement of roots. After planting raspberries pour (bucket of water for two or three bushes).

Lack of moisture is very harmful for the development of seedlings of a crop of berries can be reduced to two or three times.

When caring for raspberries under the plant spiked peat, manure or humus. In the autumn planting raspberries Spud.

When caring for raspberries should not forget about digging the soil. The depth of the digging depends on the occurrence of the roots, to avoid damage to them.

You must care also about the formation of the bushes. Raspberry annually a large number of young shoots which occludes the Bush, and weakens the plant depletes the soil, reducing the yield.

To ensure that all the stems are well covered, they should be thinned several times during the season, starting from the second year after planting.

The degree of thinning is affected by the method of cultivation. For cluster method is necessary to leave a distance between the bushes in fifty — sixty centimeters.

With belt –

caring for raspberries

shoots leave alone using fifteen to twenty centimeters.

When cutting special knives or pruning shears cut thick and weak shoots and those growing towards the aisles. Cut the branches to burn.

Thus, Bush will only have well-developed offspring.

To the shoots of raspberry not frozen in severe winter, in October-November, bends to the ground.

Progibanija can be done in two ways: tie the top of one Bush to the other, or to tie together the tops of two adjacent bushes.

To keep the plants tied up a snowless winter, they can be covered with earth. Proper care of raspberries will provide you with a good harvest.

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