How to care for lilies

How to care for lilies

Lily is a flower of awesome in both form and color.

No wonder it was chosen as the generic symbol of the kings of France.

A picture of the flower and on many paintings of great artists of the Renaissance.

Not paid attention to this chaste flower and modern florists.

But to celebrate the joy of a blossoming Lily, will have to surround the plant with warmth and love.

The location and the temperature

Lilies prefer a moderate (even cooler) temperature. Therefore, the room where «live» Lily, need to air (avoiding drafts).

In the hot season the plant is recommended to put on shaded balconies in private homes – the verandas. And in the care of Lily, it should be protected from the scorching rays of the sun.

Watering lilies

Liliya – water-loving plant and does not like dry soil. Watering should be regular, without preobladanie. There are certain requirements to the irrigation water: it should be soft and warm.

Tap water is excluded a priori – only the filtered and separated during the day.

Fertilizer lilies

Fertilize lilies regardless of their flowering and at intervals of 4-5 months. As power use liquid fertilizer for Lily.

Entered it in a flower pot at the time of watering the flower, is added directly to the water. To fertilize very carefully not to touch the ground part of the plant.


Lily – a bulbous plant, it multiplies the children, which gives the «adult» flower on a 4-year life. Bulbs with their own root system, carefully cut off from the «uterus» and transplanted into a new pot.

And to know exactly what went «fertilization period», you need to follow the development of the Lily. Once abundant flowering declining – it’s time to transplant «kids».

But the adult Lily at home, it is better not to transplant (only to the extent absolutely necessary).

Planting Lily bulbs

Planting Lily bulbs requires adherence to certain rules:

• Flower pot must be large and the depth and diameter.• At the bottom of the pot required drainage of a thickness of 3 cm• Earthen substrate (sand, peat, humus and bone meal) is poured in a pot no more than half of its volume.• On wet land, put the onion, gently spread its roots.• Sprinkle the onion so that its upper half was above the surface of the earth.

How to care for lilies

Pest lilies

The main scourge of this plants – the Lily beetle. Its larvae are very voracious – they actively devour leaves and flowers.

Often attacked by aphids and the Lily. And if beetle larvae can be collected manually, it’s better to fight aphids with Malathion or other insecticide preparation.

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